Not only because of money! Carluo talks about the Lakers: Passing the ball is underestimated in the bull more valuable

On November 24th, Beijing time, the Chicago Bull player Karutro said that he said that he left the Lakers to join the bull, not only because of money, more importantly, his own playing method.

According to Car Luo, the biggest reason for Carru Lucain left the Lakers is that the Bull has issued a contract that the Lakers cannot match, but money is not the only consideration.

In addition to this factor, Carru said: “Bulls and I will describe how to play after going to the team, Donno instructor told me that he believes that my passing ability is underestimated, because I have been in the past few years At the Lakers, the ball is not in my hand. I think he is right, this is one of the positive effects I think I can bring to the team. “

Previously, Car Luo revealed that due to this summer, the Lakers refused the quote of Carru, only willing to provide him with a 3-year 21 million renewal contract. In the absence of the two sides, Car Luo was finally selected to join the bull in 4 years of 36 million (some of which 30 million maintenance parts).

At that time, even Carru is willing to stay in a 2-year 20 million contract, but with the rejection of the Lakers, Carru Leso has chosen to leave. However, the Lakers choose to complete the renewal of 37 million contracts and team of the team.

In addition, the averaging in Carluo has steals 2.2 times, and the league is second. In this regard, Carru?o is also explained: “This is a kind of instinct, I can read others. I have stayed in this alliance for three or four years, and most of the players have played a few times, and even some of me has been They have played more than a dozen times, I have a good understanding of their games. Whether they like to left or right, I will figure out their tendency. “

Today, in the Bull, Carru Soching the team is currently 12 wins and 6 negative rankings, the third, the bull of this season has also become the strongest bull in the Jordan era. However, compared to the bulls from the wind in the east, the Lakers currently 9 wins and 10 wells, the winning rate is less than 50%, ranking the western part of the 9th.