NFL-Red Leather Team was defended by Sanliang Failure, Sanqi, Sandy

Beijing time on September 24th, 8:20 in the morning, a winner of the Chicago Bear team against the two-game losing dragonfly. Although the bear team played a loss to the Green Bay packaging team in the unveiled battle, it is obvious that the Red Leather Team is the worse team. Their four-point Guilds-Kynm despite the majority of the Federation, he has seen a big scene, but helpless his talent ceiling is limited. Otherwise, the Viking team will not send him away. The final bear team defeated the Red Leather Team at 31:15 and won two consecutive victories.

The red skin team encounters three losses

The red skin team encounters three losses


In history, the bear team and the Red Leather team have passed over 50 times, and the Red Leather team accounts for the advantage of the record with 26 wins and 23.

Wonderful review

The bear team attacked the first time at the beginning of the game, and then their defensive group was on the game. For the first time debuted, I came to the Red Leader to give the Red Leader, Safe Sanlinkon – Dixi Casped the Red Leather Team Sanzaki-Karnam after the game started 5 minutes. Subsequently with the ball to return to the Array, 7: 0.

Then, the Bags of the Red Leather, the Tsins, Hopkins, who took the ball and lost 43 yards, and gave the bear team a good offensive start position. In the second quarter, the Bear quarter-Bi Miger-Turbusi short passed to the outer handle Thaler-Gabriel won the David, 14: 0.

I didn’t expect the Hongyou’s mistakes to follow, and Case-Karnam debut was killed in the Red Area of ??his own. After the bear team took back the ball, Miger-Trobeski was a relaxed short pass connection to Taylor-Gabriel, got up again, 21: 0.

However, it is obvious that the Red Leather Today I want to send a big gift, and Case-Kynm, which is lost, is obviously in some problems. In the second quarter, he passed the ball and his pass was Corner Well – Fuller gives it. The third time I founded the external hand Taylor-Gabriel in the third time, I won the third Dalsen, 28: 0.

The tragic red leather team in the first half of the first half finally kicked into a football before the end of the half, was not zero, 28:3.

At the beginning of the next half, the red skin team that was recruited and cut was Swanks Ki Namhem again selected long pass, and I want to quickly advance. But the passage of the large size means that the risk of being copied is also improved, and Safety Kinkton-Dixi has copied the pass of Kenham. However, the bear team failed to use this copy of this copy, but the red skin brigade rebounded. 6 minutes before the end of the third quarter, 2 minutes from the fourth game, Case-Karnam connected to the outer handle trial-McLolin and Paul-Richardson, won two The two-point conversion after the two reached the array failed, 28:15.

Although it is a bottom-bottomed rebound, but helplessly follow this state today, the second half of the game is in junk time. 1 minute before the end of the competition, the bear kicks the best, announced the final score of this game, 31: 15. The red skin was lost by 3.

Player data

The bear quartz is 31m of Turbus, 231 yards, 3 times, 1 time. Run David – Montgomery 13 sports, 67 yards. External hand Taylor – Gabriel 6 times, 75 yards, 3 times.

The Red Leather Quartz-Kas-Karnam 43 passes 20, 331 yards, 2 times to the array, 3 cases were copied. Estabard Adrian – Peterson 12 shots, 37 yards. External hand Paul – Richardson 8 times, 83 yards, 1 time Deta.