NFL November 18th Competition Summary: Crow Tu Dezhou Viking people staged a big turn

Nfl November 18th Competition Summary: Crows and saga Texas people Viking people staged 20 points

November 18th, Beijing time on November 18th, the NFL 2019 season’s 11th week of regular finals, there are 12 games in today. Ramar Jackson then passed the 4nd Dallast, Baltimore Crow Blood wash Houston Texas; New England Patriot Defense Group issued, reporting the 52nd Super Bowl of Yizheng Eagle An arrow; Atlanta Falconihua Standard Zone stumbling block, victory card Luolan’s black panther took two consecutive wins; Cork Cuckus 3dm, Minnesota Viking 20 points reversed Danfo Yam. So what is the battle of today? Let’s take a look!

Baltimore Crow 41-7 Houston Texas

“MVP! MVP! MVP!”, The home of the M & T Bank Stadium shocked, Ramar Jackson made another defense of Houston Texas once again. Jackson has some slow heat in the first quarter, and only one time in 6 times. But after the first quarter, the horrible Jackson came back, 18 times, 16 times, pushing 210 yards and 4 passing the ball. During the period, Jackson completed 13 times, maintaining a hot state. Hello six consecutive victories, this is also the fourth-long winning record of the team’s history. Four passes to the Scys – Roberts (15 yards), Mark Andrews (18 yards) and Mark Engram (25 yards and 12 yards).

Jackson did not play the pass of the far-reaching route today, and the crow did not take this risk. By serious reading, he let his pass targets complete the ball in the most stable way. Jackson’s legs also repeatedly crafted the defense of Texas. It was simply the microphone Victor. Today, a total of 86 yards, the best one-time scorpion is 39 yards, which has created a 5-time Dezhou player’s misses. In addition, the defensive defense of the crow also pressed Dade Shaun Watson, and a total of 6 kills were completed. After Watson turned down, the crow defensive player shouted: “Hey! I will make you a magic performance today!”

This big wins let the crow team have come to 8 wins and 2 losses, so that they have led three winners in the partition rankings, and they bite 9 wins and 1 new England Patriotes, but they will follow Welcome two countries, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and 49 people in San Francisco. Due to Texas people’s lobby and Indianapolis, the two teams are now 6 wins and 4 losses in the United States. Next week, the two teams will be directly sufficient, and Watson needs to quickly get rid of the impact of this defeat.

Indianapolis Pima 33-13 Jacksonville America Tiger

The pony is more clear about what they have to do today than this season: keep the leading advantage, take time, don’t turn your car. The head coach Frank Rich believes that he has ruthlessly uses the road surface to fight the couch, a total of 264 yards roads, among which the main running Weather-Mac mock also killed 109 yards to harvest a wonderful scorpion Dalgate, but he may have a long-term lack in the future because of his hand fracture. Jonathan Williams lifted the pavement at the end of Mike, and 13 shots were pushed into 116 yards.

Xiao Ma 4th 卫 贾 比 – Brisette was injured after the injury in the ninth week, but it was obvious that the team didn’t want Bricet to hold a ball, so a lot of road surface was driven. Briset completes a four-dimensional replacement conversion, and the last time in the game will take the first attack. The pony team is the best team in the United States of Liannan District, who rely on the pavement and critical levels of defense to the end.

As for the American Tiger Team, we have the first time to see Nick Falls in this season. But in addition to playing in the first quarter, there is nothing to say in other places. Falls stared at the outside of the game D. J. Chak, the latter was aimed at 8 times aimed 8 times, and the number of times he was aimed at the second place was twice. The American tiger may be very excited to the return of Falls, but he takes place in the 11th week of Karda – Ming Dynasty, which is really not a suitable point in time in the future. After this loss, the American tiger is more likely to bid farewell to the 2019 season with a 6-win-9-loss record.

Dallas Cowboy 35-27 Detroit Lion

Although Dallas Cowbi did not defeat the Detroit Lion’s residual array with an overwhelming advantage, they also grasp the initiative in the whole game. The quartz-Swan-Prescott also played a wonderful game. This is the third pass number of passes in the third season, and the 444 yards are promoted. . Three reaches of the coils, Izyl-Elliot, Randall, Kobi, Porad. After this is over, the cowboy continues to lead to the country of China.

Running Elliott today’s scorpion status is not good, 16 shots only got 45 yards 1 to 1 to 4.8 yards. The lion team continued to use the Subtail Jeff – Drreskol because of the main four-point guard. Shang Yidriskor is terrible, and the 206-yard passed the 206 yards in the 26 times today. He helped the lion in the opening of the game to get 7-0 lead, and will bite the dead. In the current news, Stafford will be at least six weeks in the future, and will be Drescol.

The lion is completely showing what is the defense of the third defense of the league rankings. Of course, this is said to other people outside Dhalius Sresearch. He completely restricts the number of cowboy number to take over Amali in the game. Cooper, Cooper 8 times is aimed at 3 games only 38 yards. However, because Cooper attracted firepower, the teammates Michael Lup got 149 yards, Randel – Koba got 115 yards. The former completed the ball of 100 yards in the third time, and the latter seems to have reached the brilliance of the Green Bay packaging.

Atlantan Falcon 29-3 Carolina Black Leopard

Perhaps there is a capital of letters, or want to find some face, in short, Atlanta Falcon’s defense looks so bad. The Falcon was completed in the first half in the first half, and in the last week, they also defeated the strong New Orleans Saints in 26-9. In the third quarter of the competition, Tak-McKinli’s rushing to Kyle Allen, causing the latter to make a very inert pass, by Dude Thunder Campl. Defensive frontline continuously manufacturing pressure, safe to Karex – Allen (6 hugs, 1 copy, 3 ruins pass) and corner Wei 伊 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 塞 卫 塞 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫

The black leopard quartz Wearer-Allen’s top five games in the past is the continuous winning, but now he has lost three games in the last four games, which is completely hammerled. The 23-year-old quadruption is very struggling. The passing of nearly 4 games reached 3-9. Today, the 325 yards were promoted in 31, and sent to the French team four times. Run Krismian – McCaverre is still an offensive engine, 14 shock pushes into 70 yards, one code 5 yards, 14 times aimed to complete 11 batches to promote 121 yards, efficiency can be said to be quite horrible. But Maika Frey is not a permanent motion, when he feels tired, the black panther’s attack is a thousand miles.

The new Korean player in the Falcon has been a good performance. After the first week of the Best Secret Service, I was once again 3 times in 4 times today, I just sorry that I missed 55 yards. Falcon 4-point Swan Matt-Lan 31 passed 21 to promote 311 yards 1 Daliang, external handle Carvin-Leadley cut 143 yards and 1 to more.

Buffalo 37-20 Miami Dolphin

Powerful arms, sensitive feet, extremely adventurous and unpredictable pass, Buffalobier quartz Swan Swan Alang played a representative of career. Allen completed 4 times, including 3 passes reached and 1 shock. The Bill team did what they should do, win the weaker team of the union, and maintain the competitiveness of the playoffs. Allen did not have a mistake, completed the highest 56-yard rush ball in the season, 256 yards in 33 pass 21, and the passed the ball score 117.7 points.

Bill team seems until today, I finally found the number of tops outside, Josh-Brown completed 9 batts to advance 137 yards and 2 to 2 reachaes, 14 times aimed is twice as the second place, he is between him and Allen chemical reaction. Although it is nothing to show off at all, the Bill team is steady, but the pace of the new England patriot will have room for the future. Because even Today, Allen Chao, it is difficult to predict that he will suddenly take a wind in the afternoon.

Not important, the score is not important, if your team uses Lanfitz Patrick as quarter-free, then this team will always have a feeling of sitting on the mountain. When the team 0-16 is behind, Fitz Patrick throws 65 yards, and then the front of the Karra-Barachi end zone is completed, and the team seems to have a hopes of chasing the score. But after this, the other positions of the offensive end will continue, and the team will only get 6 points in the second half. In the face of scar, Patitrick encounters 7 kills, but this magical big beard can stand up every time, this is absolutely a positive signal for dolphins.

Minnesota Viking 27-23 Denver Yam

This Sunday, Minneapolis took two major events, one was a deadlock in the first half of the next half, and the mistakes were constantly. In the first half, Viking offense was shocked by the wild horse defensive group, and a total of 47 yards were only promoted. Viking is 20 points behind the first half, and the chance to defeat is almost 0, the scene of the audience is dissatisfied with the team mediocrity, and makes a burst. However, Viking people have lived in the second half, and the fourth quarter took 3 to more than 20 points, completed 20 points.

The Viking team relies on the pavement of survival by the wild horse to die, the previous alliance rushed to the code Wang Darvin-Cook, only 11 shots in the game. At the moment of crisis, the quarter-free Kakkins came forward, and the team opened the victory. In the whole game, he was 35 passed in 29, and the passed the 319 yards, and the 3-year-old arrival did not be copied, and the quarterfire was 133.2 points. External hand Stephen-Digs as a routine weapon of far-reaching route, will be aimed at the five passing of the ball to take 121 yards 1 to 1 Dalong, near-end Fengkell Rudolph also completed 5 games to advance 67 The code is 1 reached.

The wild horse is one of the fierce teams, which is the main team. The home is repeatedly lore or reversed. This time they bring myself to the away. Playing the Ball Blannd – McMarus finally missed a 43-yard shot, causing the wild horse to fight up to fight. Wild horses are very bright in Brandon – Allen’s first half, but the audience, the 39-pass 17 missing intermediate rate is less than 50%, and 240 yards will be promoted 1 to 1 time. This is the first 20-or more team leader in the first 20 points and above teams since the 16th week of the San Francisco 49.

San Francisco 49 people 36-26 Arizona

This is a trok, but the final or more than the strength of defeating the squad with 36-26, got the ninth game of the season. The three waves of the game, 49 people have been very smooth to attack a total of 2 yards, and in this case, the defensive group also sent 16 points, facing the backward situation of 0-16. Just in the team to continue indulgence, 49 people suddenly awakened in the second section of the 49th, opened the powerful model.

The second quarter is 70 yards in the second quarter of Gallo, Gloro, George – Kittel got it, and then rely on one free kick to end the score in the first half of the first half. 10- 16. In the second half, Gallopolo is still open, and the 45-shot 34 in the audience has advanced 424 cuts 4 to 4 reachaes, and there are 2 times. However, 49 people today’s pavement attacked the dumb fire, 19 shots were only advanced by 34 yards.

When both parties handed over the ninth week of this season, the red scitch new show four-point Wei Keller-Murray was not empty, and the 241 yards were 2nd to finally lost 3 points. Today, Murre is still not imaginary, and the 33-pass 24 is promoted to 2 to 2 to 0 Cang. Although there are not many push numbers, Murray’s calm and smart lines on the field choose to leave a deep impression. Team pavement offensive 24 sho pushes 150 yards, one code 6.3 yards. The key to the conversation is that Larry Fitzgelad and Ke Shanen Jackson’s fall, and the defensive defense of the second half.

Auckland raid 17-10 Cincinnati

From the last score, the Auckland raiders won unpleasant, and they can only say that they have completed the task, and a victory is much better than the failure of a drift. The quadruption of Delik Carl 29 passed 292 yards, 1 time reached, 1 cycle, 105.7 points. The first round of Show is Yashi, Jacobs, 23 times, pushed 112 yards. 15 three-speed conversion of the raid was successful, the yield was close to 50%. But once the team went to Cincinnati in the past two years, it would be weak, facing a unwinding tiger and the most bad defensive group, it should not be.

It is also a life of the slaughter’s defensive group, and they took the ball back in the case of 7 points behind. Of course, the slag team’s attack is still final. The team is really urgently needed to get rid of the current situation, but their offensive group can’t support them to get the first victory, four points Wei Lan-Finley is obviously not the choice of Tiger, today 31 pass 13, hit rate 50% of the following unlimited decline, a total of 115 yards, send 1 copy, encounter 5 kills, and 1 drop ball.

New Orleans Saint 34-17 Tampa Bay Pirate

Last week, I was shining to Atlantian big fountain just a little unclear joke. Alquin-Kamara’s first game in today’s injury is recommended to the offensive group, and 13 shock pushes 75 yards, 10 times The ball promoted 47 yards, the total number of 122 yards of the game, he took the 114-yard 1 to 1 to 1 Daliang’s number one, and he took the key to the team’s key to win. According to statistics, Thomas became the first player who completed 90 battles in the first 10 games in NFL. The whole season, the saints need to be invited to the third pickup point, and the proximal Feng Jarid Cook makes people see hope, and he has completed a shocking ball in the two-person package.

When your team sent four balls, it is hard to win, and this team that sent four ball rights is the NFL mistake Dawang Jie Miss – Winson’s Tampawan pirate. Now Wenston has been copied 18 times, he is facing huge pressure today, and the whole game can’t comfortably serve the ball, and even several times have to change to the left hand. However, Winston is not Mahms, 51 bi-30 30, 313 yards, 4 times, 4 times, twice, 1 time. External hand Michara-Evans last time the villain three times aimed at the past, all of them were destroyed, and today completed 4 games and pushed 69 yards, at least not like last time.

New York Jet 34-17 Washington Red Leather

Jet 4-point sam-Darnod should have improved confidence in the 11th week of his best performance, although the opponent Washington Red Picklet is not like a qualified NFL football team, but Nord got his urgently needed something on the red skin, 30 passed 193, and the career was sent 4 times. In fact, the jet pocket is at the edge of the collapse. Darnod is a good use of sensitive legs to create opportunities. For example, the first pass is reached, he ran to the left and pass it to the close-end Daniel – Brown completed 20 yards.

We should not have any expectations for Hongdi quadrupine-Haskins, and the 11th week is a painful afternoon. This is the second first start in the Haskins season, and the 35 pass 19 has been promoted to 214 yards. 2 reached 1 time was copied, and the passed score 79.9 points. The worst suffered 6 times. The red skin team is exhausted, and the two passages of Haskins are also in junk time. They face 3-34 huge backwards in the fourth quarter. The jet is very good for the face. According to ESPN data statistics, the red skin has not reached the 16th consecutive competition before this, and it is the longest in the 2000 Baltimore Crow.

Jet Safety Wei Ja Mamal – Adams sprout the red-skinned offensive front line, the jet is a lot of use, and Adams has harvested 3 times in 6 kills in the team, accurately 3.5 times. The adaptation of the jet has created endless pain to the red skin. The upper half of the red skin only advanced 60 yards, and the three three stops all failed.

New England Patriot 17-10 Philadelphia Eagle

In a defensive war, New England patriots took over Julian – Edrman completed the patriot’s only one. Breddy handed over to Edelman, Endlman fake relief, actually passed the 15th code to the Run-Into-Tott, and helped the patriots completed the “winning offensive” in the third quarter. “. After the quarter-point Wei Tem-Braddy, I didn’t say very annoyed. Although he did not have a copy today, the 47-pass 26 promoted 216 yards, and the average of 4.6 yards can only be advanced each time. .

Accurately, the two sides have worked on the kick. According to the statistics, there are 11 abandoned kicks in the second half, the first defensive group of the Patriots League today ran around the team. The patriot is at home attack, there is no pavement attack, and the pocket protection is also very bad. The ball is convenient to get off, and Braddy has 14 times in the first half, and there is no new high. The patriot will only advance 298 yards, and 16 three-speed conversion is only 5 times.

The eagle is already a good, but as we see again this season, the patriot monster’s defensive group does not give any opportunities at all. The old Eagle is playing well, winning 10-0 leading situation, Carson – Wenz has had a wave of 16-speed offensive, and the cable Dallas Goldt completed Dalun. But in addition to this offense, the remaining 12 offensions of the Eagle were only promoted by 165 yards. 7 of whom attacked the number of codes without exceeding 10 yards, Bill Bilipk’s suffocating defense made Wenz into trouble. A total of 5 kills were completed and killed once. The old Eagle offensive lacks explosive power, the patriot does not allow the opponent to have explosive power, Wenz lost several simple balls under pressure.

Los Angeles Roose 17-7 Chicago Bear

On Sunday, two of the Ram and the Bear team were struggling to prove that their drafts, team offensive tried to play some new things. The two teams are indeed very similar, similar. Two bonus playing the latest Siqi offensive group added a total of 550 yards today, the ram four points Guardian Gaoff only completed 11 passes, the transfer of 173 yards 1 time, the team Abandon number (6 times) is more than the number of three-speed conversion number (3 times). The bear team is also very funny, and the ball is pulled together. On average offense only 3.6 yards, they scored 50 yards in the elbow, but only 7 points.

The bear played Eddi Pieno missed the free kick in the 50 yard, and they seem to have this inheritance. The ram uses the opportunity to transform the power, and the second Trobeski’s copy of the second Trobesk has become 7 points. Trousbisky has a dream tour, and the 43-passed 24 is promoted in the 190 yards. 1 to 1 time was copied, and finally the head coach Matt-Naji used a substitute for four points in the case without signs. Daniel In exchange, the latter is sitting in the replacement, and the eyes are thinking.

In recent weeks, the issue of exposed Tusbeski is that the pass is very frequent, and the line is simple. After the game, the Bear team said that Trousbuski was replaced by “ass hurts”, no matter what it really hurt, there was no problem with him, and the 4 wins and 6 loud bear shock playoffs hope very渺. On the other hand, I finally activated the Run Todd-Galley today. He only had a number of people with average of 14.9 in the previous game. Today, 25 shots were pushed into 97 yards, and there were 3 Sub-ball pushed 36 yards. I don’t know if Galley has returned to normal or attempting to use, if the male team wants to hit the playoffs, Galli is essential.