NFL Hall of Havenly Safety Guards, Flaco: I want to win the championship.

Since 2008, Joe Verco has not doubtedly the team’s blessings; during the period of 2008-2012, he took the team in the playoff for five consecutive years and won the super bowl in 2013.He became the first four-point guard in the past five seasons in the past five seasons, and created a number of historical records in the NFL playoffs.At the same time, he is still the number of history records of the twess pass, the number of passes, the number of passes, the number of passes, and the number of four defiguits that have achieved the highest achievements so far..However, since 2014, the crow has been competed for three consecutive years, and this season is not born this season, I am afraid that the crow will spend a disappointment season; from this point of view, thisThe older team 11-loaded old will may go to the time of Bal’s Mo, and the talent of the Jacksonville American Tiger team seems to be a good place.