NBA Morning News: James is doing 8 times averaged, Howard is starting at tomorrow, Barnes is off

NBA fans, everyone is good! Today, the Alliance has arranged 5 games, and the specific schedule is shown below. The defending champion Bucks got 8 games yesterday, and today’s back is back to the array. They are expected to continue to win the winning victory; the bull is against the Nicks, this is the old master in the old master again, but they want to win difficult. . Before appreciating the wonderful game, let’s take a look at what hot news is worth paying attention:

1. Official: James passed the health and security agreement, and the results of the initial test were contradictory. The official release statement, after two negative
test results, James passed the alliance health and safety agreement. The two test results on November 30 contradict each other, followed by additional confirmation.

2, James has repeated 8 new crown detection since returning to Los Angeles, and the results are negative. James has received 8 new crown virus detection since the local time Saturday, and the results have been negative. James’s test results in Sacramento were false positives, so he also missed the game of the king.

3, Wei Shao: I and George’s children are in the same school, sometimes they will meet when picking up their children. The reporter asked if Wei Xiao was a small childhood, when the Lakers and the Clippers were competitors, Wei Sha said that learning achievements are my competitors, and the organism is a bit hard, but my mathematics is very good. In addition, my child and George’s children are sometimes encountered.

4, Cole: Igo Dala will continue to go out, Damien Lee will usher in. Cole said that tomorrow against the Sunny brother continues to lack, the brother-in-law can play. Note: One brother has absent 7 games because of his knee injury, and his sister is absent from 3 games because of his wife.

5, Bradley does not require the right thumb surgery, Alizi’s first no fight after injury. Woger said that although Aliza has participated in the first no fight training, it still takes a period of time recovery. In addition, Bradley does not need to do surgery, he will wear the next game.

6, Woger: Howard will start on the game tomorrow. Wogel said that will make Howard’s starting battle tomorrow, Howard and Xiaododam will only choose to play in the future.

7. Platinum encounters the left knee, and there is a battle in the game on Saturday.

8. Official: Xie Ji Jier Jess – Alexander Triggering Union Brain Transition Protection Measures. Today, the Thunder officially announced that Alexander triggered the impact of alliance brain volatile protection measures.

9, Ray – Allen: Current Creative the basis of its own path, creating a new generation of fans. Allen said that people have been comparing him with me, Miller, but he actually created a road. I am happy to achieve the achievements of him. He promoted the standard recognition of excellent basketball. He created a new generation of fans. He established an example for the children.

10, T4: I forgot this year’s birthday, my mother will always remind me. T4 said, November 15 is my birthday, but my girlfriend did not tell me, I have forgotten. My mother will always remind me how meaningful this day, now she can’t remind me anymore. Note: The mother of Town, April last year, died of new crown complications.

11, Pedon II: I am angry with the opponent, I am looking for a referee, I listened to the laugh. Little Perton said, I won’t say garbage words like my father, some players come to provoke me, I will not attack orally. Many times I am through the body confrontation to anger each other, this is my root mode, I saw them and the referee complained, I just laughed around.

12, Shu Tong Luozani’s number of balls did not decrease: he and Badler will never play tricks. Shu said that Durzan’s penalty of the number of balls under the new rules is that he and Badler are the players who have never playing tricks. He is the same as the previous game, there is no change.

13. Raven has been fever in the past few days, but it is expected to play today.

14. The king put Harrison-Barnes to the development alliance to find a state. Barnes has been absent from four games due to the right foot sprain.

15. Tomorrow’s Fast Ship, James, Bradley is probably over, and the eyebrows will be punished. The Lakers officially released the injury report of tomorrow, Aliza, Naen was absent from injury; the crowbow was touched, Bradley and James probably played.