NBA – 33 + 7 three points in the audience, and recorded records! Officially opened the soup, the strongest warrior came

On November 29, Beijing, China continued to start, the Warriors challenge the bus. The two teams in this game are not high, the Warriors will only get 20 points, so they have been looking back, and they will be lower than the best points under the leadership of Curry; enter the second half, the warriors have started to break out, at the end of the year Launched the difference, the library has laid a victory in three consecutive three points. In the end, the Warriors 105-90 beat the bus, and the Hello 7 consensus.

The core member of the two teams in this game was launched, and George took 30 points and 5 rebounds 5 assists, and there were 8 mistakes, and they did not get enough help, and only small Morris got 13 points and Bradso 13. Take 10 rebounds, other players score is not divergence.

The Curi state is still hot, 22 shots 12, three-pool 13 7 cut 33 points 5 rebound 6 assists 6 steals. In the last section, it was a three-pointer in consecutiveness, helping the team a wave of waves to take the game. And his side is 17 points, Vilins 12 points, and the Potter on the mat is 18 points 10 rebounds.

The game has been cut off 33 points, and it is 19 minutes three points, and the library has a new record. Plus today’s 7th three points, the total number of three points in Curri this season has come to 105 goals, only in 19 games, it has been invested at least 100 three points, breaking the 20 records you have maintained before. . Turli used 20 games in the 2015-16
season and 2018-19 respectively investive.

After defeating the clip, the Warriors have gains 7 consecutive victories, with 18 wins and 2 negative warfare. The performance of the Warriors this season makes everyone surprised, the rest is only to carry out some small repair ministries, but the joining of these players will ushered in the second spring, Potter, Xiaoton and Don’t live a good play. Plus Pohr’s rapid progress, also created today’s Warriors. In addition, the team’s core + leader’s Curre is still very good, becoming the biggest popular of MVP this season.

In addition, the Warriors also announced that the official offline Clare-Thompson and Huysman. This destination just allows them to increase the number of training, and prepare for the next copy. At the last Warriors hosted the trail of the Blazers, the Soupson was a little excited, and they were sitting in the troops, and they took their heads with towels.

In the past two seasons, Thompson is absent because of injury, he will soon returning to the court, thinking that it may be a lot of emotions. After Waiting Thompson’s return, the strongest warrior will also formally return, with a watercorn brother, it is a complete warrior, the warrior at that time will make people more expectation.