MLB29-view frequently broadcast red socks vs Rocky defending champion struggle to qualify

MLB-29, 8:40 video live red socks VS Rocky defending champion struggle to eligibility

Beijing time on August 29th, 8:40, the Midai Eastern Boston Red Sox Challenge the Colorado Squad of the Khals Stadium, which is the second game of the cross-alliance competition. The first game is red. Socks 10-6 Shengluo. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:

[Battle Review]

The defending champion Boston Red Sox came from the Queon of the Kurs, and met in the Kurs. The Boston Red Sox is the third place in the United States of America, and the Colorado Squad is already a bottom team in Guohiwei District. It should be a series of war in the reamer preview. Now it is better to be, the teams are too far from the goals before the season.

The first game of this series, the reddock team sent a priority to winner, Posolo, which will be Posolo second in the Kurs Stadium, the first record in 2011 I was only voted for 3 games to be hit by 8 security, and the first game of this series has passed the 5 games only 2 points.

The rookie team first went on the board, Garcia was completely unable to resist the fighting force of the Red Sox, and the 5 games 7 hits 5 possed 6 points, and the 3 strokes were hit.

[Game points]

Although the reddock team is not as expected in this season, it is still within the scope of the outer card. However, if you want to win in the external card, you will not only be your own match, but also I have to expect the team in front. It is not careful in the ditch.

The Rocky team is not a unique, in the past 10 days, pitcher Joan-Gray (left foot fracture), Kyle Freland (inguinal straw), Jereman-Marquis (right arm inflamed), Scam Special-Oubberg (blood clot) has entered the injury list, and Rocky has to play a pitcher from the small alliance.

Can the Red Socks continue to travel away, continue to fight the external card?

[First, Pitcher]

Red Socks First Pointer: Edward – Rodriguez (15-5, self-sharing rate 3.92, three vibration 115 times, 59 times, each game is orthy with the rating rate 1.33)

Luoji team first pitcher: Peter Lambert (2-4, self-sharing rate 6.40, three vibration 44 times, 26 times, each game is rampted by 1.61)

[Focus Star]

The trough and injury of the Rociki team did not block the performance of the star player Nolan Arena. Although the Luoji team was swept in the four games of the pair of war, Arecoto hit the 33nd project of the team, and won 100 points for 5 consecutive seasons. The goal of Arlenado is to hit the season’s hit rate is more than 30%. The tallest season of his career hits is 2017.309.