MLB14 Summary: Yangji is blue bird, then seeing the home base to kill the bear mad irrigation 17 points

On September 14th, Beijing time, the Great Works of the United States continued to fight, there were 14 games, the specific competition is as follows: Pirate 8-17 bear, Warrior 5-0 National, Yangji 5-6 Blue Bird, ShuangchengIndians (cancellation of the game), Jinyu 6-2 Tiger, Dodge 9-2 Metropolitan, Red 4-3 snake, light 11-4 angel, white stockings 9-7 sailor, Malinfish 0-1 giants.

Pirate 8-17 bear

The bears “Blood Wash” pirates, relying on the strong trend of the Rigli Stadium, the bears bombard 5 sports hits, and they have 17 points.

The bear of the bear, which has been full of guns, and has laid the foundation of this race. His 3 amps, 4 points, running back to 3 points; Kanditreras single ring, and 3 security runBack to 3 points; Casteranos also has Shangjia performance, 2 suppliers 3 points, Haido can also contribute 3 points, and the wandering firepower is full.

Although Leicester is not good, 5 bureaus was hit 11 security, lost 7 points, of which 4 were self-responsive, but the crazy performance of the line is still sitting.

Warrior 5-0 National

A civil war in Guohung East, the strong warrior continued to raise a high song, and today Incesed the nationals led by Xie Zer.

Warriors Albis 3 avatar 1 points, there is a home run, Malkiys return to the excellent performance, 2 安 安 1 points to get 1 point, Joyce 2 security wins 2 points.

The Warriors have continued to be super performance, 6.0 bureaus only hit 1 security, sent 4 three oscillars, and then take a winning investment, maybe this year really has the opportunity to compete for competition. Xie Zer has a superman, 5 bureaus is hitting 7 security to lose 3 points, send 6 three vibrations.

Dodge 9-2 metropolis

After experiencing the three-game streak, Ko Xiao finally won the valuable victory. Although he was hit by Davis in the first game, it was good, and the audience was not good. 2 points, send 5 times, and his personal career will still have 1 defeat, 10 wins and 0 losses.

Dodge New Show Lax is facing the “Thunder” Schindgard, which is a key node wins. Taylor 2 points played in the scene, and another representative of Rios slammed two-point gun.

Yangji 5-6 blue bird

Bluebird site once in the first four games with 3-0 leader, but Blue Bird’s rookie pitcher Kay is in the fifth game, the first half of the fifth game, Gardner, Frazi and Romai The three remembers sent back to 2 points; after the two people went out, Woit and Yishera’s blow made Yangji 3 points, one game and more than the ratios, 3-5.

The second half, the blue bird recovered 1 point, the combination of Beiti and Jio got 1 point; the second half of the seventh place, the fails of Otvino, the blue bird chased the score.

The second half of the extension of the finals, Bi Xie specially slammed the home run, the blue bird defeated the powerful Yangji.

Winemaker 0-10 红 雀

Gold Schmidt seems to “open”, there is a full-fired gun while singling, and another is a three-point gun, and the single 7 points is the
absolute hero. After the red squid, the position of the opponent, continued to stabilize the position of the name of the partition, and the winemaker swallowed, and the bear won the pirate, the winemaker was opened by the bears.

Jinyi 6-2 Tiger

The team of the two large union is welcoming the series, and Jinji is from the results of the record. It is still relatively stronger. After the tiger is lost, the negative field has come to 103 games.

Jinyan’s first homework Mansini 2 security 3 points, Stewart 1 security 2 points.

Sports home 14-9 tourist

The two teams launched a battle against the battle, and the two sides scored a lot, even if they arrived in the final situation of the overall situation, there was still score.

Sports player Chris Davis is getting better and better, this game contributes two home runs, won 4 points; La Razzano https://www.maillotsenligne.comcontributes three-point gun, and get 4 points; Ximei Two points. In terms of visitors, autumn and trip she holds three-year gun, Santana’s same three-year gun, and two players contribute to the vast majority of the whole team.

Space Man 4-1 Royal

Space people get 1 point in the first game, but the 7 border has not scored. The spaceman first sent a pitcher Cole to over 8.0 bureaus, in the eighth bureau, because teammates gaze lost 1 point, but there was no self-responsibility, and 11 three vibrations were sent.

After the eighth games were chased the score, the spaceman finally turned to attack 3 points, Tak and Blanteley were first on, and Springer slammed three-year gun, and the score was proched. And eventually won.

Pride 8-10 Rocky

After the fourth game, Rocky was at the end of the 4-https://www.trikotskaufenn.com2 leader, but the fifth game, the sixth bureau was chased 6 points, and the priest was only 1 point behind. However, in the second half of the eighth game, Rocky is 1 point insurance, and finally obtains victory.

The Rocky guerrillas are grabbed, and 3 security 3 points have been 3 points, and Arrea will stand up to the 40th Batters 2 points. Hampton 3 is a 2 point. The priests, Ulias, Hechis, Franc got 2 points.

Red people 4-3 Rattles

After the snake lost the game, he basically had no chance of this season, and there were 4.5 wins behind the outer casings. The Red Man Woko and Fanmet rely on two points to the team 4 points, and all facing the opponent’s first pitcher grams. The snake snake will catch the score to just 1 point, but still fail to save the defeat.

Ray 11-4 Angel

Saire, Sajun Award last season, is expected to come out next week, which is a good news for the shock playoffs. In this game, they did not defend the angel, and the Indians on the outside Kaumen were 1 winning court, and the backward sports home was 0.5 fields.

The radiance is first pitcher, Morton 6.0, lost 3 points, gaining the 15th victory in the season, Garcia 2 security 3 points, Midos and Agarar 2 security 2 points. The angels 2 pans 3 points.

White Socks 9-7 Sailor

This field of Juchi Xiong star hair, only 2.1 bureaus was hit by 10 security, lost 5 points, was thrown two home runs, once again encountered “explosion”, lost 21 points in the past 7 games, self-sharing 5.35 Not very ideal.

White socks 2rd, Monkada, 3 security, 4 points, Abreu 1 point, season, the number of points came to 116, the third with the pirates, the third, only the first Fremman and Lunden 1 point.

Marinfish 0-1 giant

The giant staged a winning season, the Malinfish only had 4 security, and the AlCaltara 7.0 bureau only lost 1 point, but the 13th defeat of the season, the giant first pitcher Piti 6.1 bureau 5 times Senas did not lose weight. The only score of the two teams occurred in the second half, and the Port of the left foreign market was hit, and sent back to the teammate score.

Shuangcheng Indians (in the raining over the rain)

The two teams fight to the third game, and the result is that the raining is too large, and there is no trend after a few hours, the game is canceled, and the delay is resected to Beijing time tomorrow, while two Team will play a day in tomorrow.