MLB12 Day Summary: Tanaka will win the big victory to win the base of the blue bird red socks do not enemies angel

Beijing time on August 12th, the American Professional Baseball Great League was 15 games. The results are as follows: light 1-0 sailor, the snake 3-9 Dodge, Rocky 8-3 priests, pirates 9-11 Pull, Indians 7-3 Shuangcheng (10 bureaus), visitors 1-0 winemaker, sports Home 2-0 white socks, bear 6-3 red, Warriors 5-4 Marin fish, national 7-4 metropolis, royal 10-2 tiger, Yangji 1-0 blue bird, space person 7-8 Jinyi , Angel 5-4 Red Sock (10 bureaus), Philadelphians 6-9 giants.

Ray 1-0 sailor

Saugard 4 branched a half-spring fireworks to help the radians 1-0, this is the only score of the two teams, and the final radiance beat the sailor. The radi team first pitched Yabler on the host 8.2 bureau, only by the opponent, 3 security, contributing 8K, only 1 list can be achieved.

Thread snake 3-9 Dodge

1 The shortage of the second half of the team will start the offensive, first Turner’s two-point gun to help the tag first open record, then Belinjan also contributed a spring gun, Dodge team 3-0 lead. The second half of the 2nd Bureau and the second half, Peterson and Smith have helped the Dodgers 6-0 with an Actions and Two-Billy. 5 bureaus, Turner and then bombard the spring gun, Smith flying sacrifice to win 1 point. Dodge 8-0 leads.

The snake team hits the homes in the upper half of the 8 games to recover 1 point. However, the Dodge team hit the inner wild rolling earth in the second half of the 8 games to form a double kill, but still helped the LOUs to score, the Dodge team 9-1 leads. The snake team chased two points in the second half. The final Dodge team 9-3 defeated the snake. This game Dodge team first issued Liu Xian Zhen Zhenzheng 7 bureau, contributing 4K, and winning the victory.

Rocky 8-3 priest

The priest team has been 2-0 lead with the Yangchun gun of Messia and Nele. 6 The second half of the branch team launched counterattack, first the Alonso two scores chased the score, and then Dasmond and Pitcher Marquiitz successively helped Luoki 4-2 anti-ratios. Garcia rushed to help the priest recovered 1 point. However, Luoji team subsequently opened the score to 6-3, 9 games in the 8th game to 6-3, 9 games, and then used the security team to returned 1 point, the Rociji team eventually 8 -3 beat the priest. This game, the game, the team first pitched the main investment of Marques 8, sent 9 three vibrations, and won the victory.

Pirate 9-11

1 The bureau is on the second half of the buns to help the pirates 2-0 lead. However, the next half Gord Schmidt also used two points to grasp the score. After the third game, after the half-Bell is playing, the Red Picking team has a mistake, and the pirate 3-2 is again higher than the ratios. Kabrera will also contribute to the play, the pirate team 4-2 leads. The Handsamer subsequently in the second half of the 3rd game and 4 bureaus, using the security and three bases, the score of 4-4.5 bureau, the second half-Bell contributed two points, and the rather than the ratios 6-4.

The 6th game is half-Fraser contributes to help the two teammates to score, the pirate team will be a lot of red squats, the next half of the Red Column is continuously filled with the package, first is Knneyz touched The ball directly allowed the Solda to get 1 point, Thomas then stabbed the gun, the reddock team 9-4 reversed the opponent. 8 bureaus half a branch of two-point gun, the sagny 11-8 leads. The final sagquet 11-9 defeated the pirate.

Indians 7-3 Shuangcheng (10 bureaus)

In the upper half of the 1st game, Allen and Piger took the lead in using Yangchun cannons and two-bases to help Indians 2-0. Then the A bes 1st in the next half used high flight to help the double city recovered 1 point. Santanz 3 bureau has been rewritten in the upper half of the 3-1.9 bureau, and the two teams Ariz first is the help team to chase 3-2, and then the Gonzalest is far away from home. Team chasing the score. The competition entered the extended competition. In the second half of the 10 bureaus, the Indian team continuously fill the base package, Santana branched a gun and killing the opponent. In the end, Indians 7-3 defeated the double city.

Ranger 1-https://www.maillotsenligne.com0 winemaker

In the middle of the 7 games, the tour soldiers Kina Fala law contributed the high flight to sacrifice, helping the teammate to go to the base score, this is the only one of the games in this game, and the final cavalry will defeat the winemaker. The ride will send the 8.0 bureau, send 11K, only knocked out 4, and finally win the victory. The winemaker first issued the main investment of Lears, sent 9K, only knocked out 3 security, the same performance.

Sports home 2-0 white socks

Olson branched a two-point gun in the 4th game, and finally the two-unit gun helped the sportsman 2-0 to defeat the white stockings. The sports home first made a pitcher Batht’s main investment 7 bureau, sent 7K, and finally won the victory.

Bear 6-3 red

The 3rd games have been connected in series with two points in series, and 2-0 will lead. Then the second half of the 5th Bureau, Suarez also contributed to Yangchun, the red 3-0 lead. 6 The next half of the next half hits the far-reaching second base to play, the bear team recovered 1 point. 7 bureaus, willing to hit the earth to help Hap, 2-3. Then Bryant shouted three-unit gun, the bear team 5-3 reversed his opponent. 8 bureaus Harp Principled to make a knife home, the bear team finally defeated the red.

Warrior 5-4 Marinfish

1 The last half of the Fri Maniana will help the Warriors 1-0 lead. The second half of the 1st, Castro’s placement and Ramirez’s second base will help the Marin fish team 3-1 anti-ratios. 4 bureaus breeze three-point gun, the Warriors will be more than 4-3. Xiaojiakia branched home run in the 5th game, and the Warriors expanded the leading advantage to 5-3. The Marin fish team recovered 1 point in the second half of the 6th game, but the Warriors finally defeated the Marin fish in 5-4. The game Warriors first sent a 6.0 bureau, sent 7K, and won the victory.

National 7-4 metropolis

In the middle of the 1st game, the National Team was played back, and it was filled with the package. Then the metropolis team defended mistakes, let the three team members of the National Team scored 3-0. In the second half of the 2nd game, the Metropolitan team has traveled to Panick and McNell, and in the upper half of the 3-3.7 game, Kabrera sent a profound two-pointed, helping the National Team, 5 -3.7 Western and half, Kong Fer struck the sacrifice, the Metropolitan team recovered 1 point, 5-4.9 bureaus metropolis.

Royal 10-2 Tiger

The first half of the game, Mefield and Dozore contributed to Yangchun, and the royal team was 2-0. Goodrum then contributed Yangchun gun in 1, helping the tiger team to recover 1 point. The first half of the 3 games, Sollere contributed two scores, and the royal team 4-1 leads. 3 The second half of the ancient derum hits the security to help the tiger team to chase 2-4.8, the half of the bureau, contribute the Yangchun cannon, and the royal team 8-1 leads. 9 Benge Meifield Anya helps the team to get two points, then Solar is far from the second base, helping the team to have two points. The final royal team 10-2 defeated tiger.

Yangji 1-0 blue bird

Half of 5 games, Kadner hits the second base to help teammate, and the team is 1-0 leader. The final team will defeat the Blue Bird Team 1-0. Yang Biece first-year field will be the main game 8.0 bureau, send 4K, and win the victory.

Space man 7-8 golden

The first half of the game, Peter hit the security to help
the golden team 1-0 took the lead in score. In the upper half of the 2 game, Coreya slammed the three-year gun, and the spaceman 3-1 contrast. The second half of the bureau, the spaceman defensive emerges, the golden team recovered 1 point, the second half of the 2-3.5 bureau, Peterson and Alberto hit the play, helping the golden team 4-3 against the ratios. 6 bureaus Herit Mansini hits the golden team to get 1 point, 5-3.7 bureau, the spaceman recovered 1 point. The upper half of the 4-5.9 bureau, Brantley slammed the three bases, helping three teammates to score, space people 7-5 anti-ratios.

The second half of the 9th Bureau, Davis hit the sacrifice to help Peterson score, followed by Ruis bombarded two-point gun, the golden team 8-7 reversed the space. In the end, Jinjian team retreated his opponent with a victory after being hit by space people 2-23 yesterday.

Angel 5-4 Red Sock (10 Bureau)

In the middle of the 1st game, Puerto hit the rolling dual kill, but finally helped Truite to score, the angel 1-0 lead. 2, half of the big Gu Xiang flat, hit the safety, helping two teammates to go to the barrier, the end angel expanded the leading advantage to the 3-0.2 bureau’s half red socks began to counterattack, Xiao Bradley was guaranteed, let the full column red Socks are automatically gain 1 point. The second half of the 4 games, gasks bombarded two points, and the reddings were 3-3 chasing scores. 5 bureaus

In the middle of the 8 games, Carlhn home hits help the angel team 4-4 chasing the score. There is no construction tree in the two sides, the competition enters the extended competition, 10 bureaus on the top of Bimum Angel to help the angel 5-4 lead, 10 bureaus, red socks, do not build trees, and finally the angel team 5-4 defeated the red socks.

Philadelphians 6-9 giants

1 second half, Londoria hits the security to help the giant team for 2-0. In the middle of the 2 game, Qui Dai is guaranteed, the Philadelphia team recovered 1 point, Harper then sent anabits to help the Philadelphia team 3-1 rebarrier. In the upper half of the 3 game, Ernande was again sent out again. The leading advantage was expanded to the second half of the 5-2.3 bureau. The giant team launched the counterattack, first Yashemski slammed the Yangchun gun, then through the series of series, The giants will be flat, 5-5.

The second half of the 6th game, Jentet grown home to fight, the giant team contrast than the 6-5.8 bureau, Dickson contributed sacrificed hit, the Philadelphia team will divide the 6-6.8 bureau, Pira Over the far-reaching three bases, the giant team 7-6 anti-Chaoti, then Smith also contributed to the play, helping the team to take two points, and finally the giant team 9-6 defeated the Philadelria.