MLB-white socks small homes, after the threshold, the stick was reported to retaliate the two side bench clearance

On April 18th, Beijing time, Chicago White Socks is home to the home, and Tim Anderson,
who is visiting the Kansas, Tim Anderson, playing a career in the competition, the royal team is dissatisfied. Subsequently, the game was carried out in the second half of the sixth bureau, and the white stockings players Tim Anderson were hit by the Royal Team Pitter Brad Keller (Brad Keller).

The two immediately had a mouth angle and triggered the two teams of the whole staff to actively, causing a large-scale conflict. In the end, after the Ten Council, the White Sox won the victory of the game with a score of 4-3.

The two people are derived from the fourth game of the competition. In the face of Keller, Anderson played a hit, this is also the 50th holy of his career. At the time of celebration, Anderson threw the ball to the white socks. This triggered the Sixth Bureau Keller pool Anderson’s conflict scene.

As early as April last year, Anderson had an excessive angle in the game of the Hua family. After hitting the home, Anderson used the swear of swearing opponents. The Royal Catcher Salvador Perez is accused of Anderson, the two teams replace the player fish. However, the conflict at the time did not have a greater impact.

After conflict, the two players were disqualified by the value of the value of the referee, and there was a qualification of the competition, and the royal team’s replacement coach Dell Sweum. After the two parties have negotiated, the conflict has gradually filed.