MLB Toronto Blue Bird Super New Star Smallrero (VLADIMIR Guerrero Jr.) has become the youngest participants in the history of the top 20 years old. However, this does not affect the most combustible history of this. A record of the home base game.After the first round defeated the holy, Matt Chapman, the first round of Matt Chapman, Xiagrero paired the first round of the Space Strong Team (Alex Bregman) : Joc Pederson. It is worth mentioning that Xiaogrero breaks the 28 records that have been previously held by the ride soldiers in the first round of the first round.When receiving an interview, Xiagrero said he set his goal in a round of 30. When the second round, I was still playing 29 in the regular time, and the records set by themselves were only one step. However, Peterson is not much more, and in the last two minutes plus horsepower, a one-on-one front-right foreign country wall, eventually 29!There is no tired fatigue that enter the overtime game, still a large number of home runs to ignite the atmosphere of the audience. After the first round of overtime, the two actually played 8 projectors and played again.The second overtime of this home base game is all 3 great winning. Xiaogrero and Peterson hit one piece in the first three battles and once again entered the third overtime. After adjusting the breathing, Xiaogrero swept out two special home runs in the third overtime waves, and then Peterson did not be good at the last stick, very badly The difference is lost to Xiaogrero, and hates the semi-final of this home run.However, the final score of 40 to 39, the total number of both parties broke the record of the big alliance for many years. One year in the game, a super-home homework, tensions, will also leave a deep in the heart of the fans. The record of the bombard of the bombing of Xiagrero has also broken the record of the two rounds of Sustington.