MLB superstar 师 科 科 比 两 人 女 儿 队

On January 27th, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lake Legend Nor Our Helicopter and his daughter Jianna (Gianna) crashed in the suburbs of Los Angeles, 9 people were all killed. Orange Coast College (Orange Coast College)
Baseball Teachers John Altobelli and his daughter Eliza, Mrs. Keri is also onboard.

According to local police news, 9 people included 1 driver and 8 passengers. The helicopter crashed at the mountains of Kala Basa before 10 am, which caused firefighters and medical staff to rescue quickly.

Jianese and Eliza are teammates of the Mamba Academy, and others are in the Qian Oak City to participate in a game. Ron La Ruffa, an assistant coach, Ron La Ruffa, told Media: “John often participates in the game with Kobe.”

The entire sport circle is mourning this disaster, and the NBA team pays tribute to Kobe before Sunday, and the fans have expressed their support to Kobe. The staff and players of the Orange County Coastal College also gathered in the school baseball field, remembering their coaches.

Atorbelli is 56 years old, it has been taught for 27 years for this school. He won more than 700 games, recently led the team to play 39 wins and 9 lightens, winning the champion of the Orange County Emperor meeting for three consecutive years.

Kobe also came to the Castle Coastal College visited

Kobe also came to the Castle Coastal College visited

Jason Kehler issued a statement: “John Not only significant significance for the Skyshore Coastal College, but his impact on the baseball is far away. He truly fulfilled the responsibility of a baseball coach, he is in the game The enthusiasm of investment is unparalleled to the player. He regards the team as a family. In this unfortunate moment, we express the deepest grief to the relatives and relatives of Artibelli. “

Two active MLB stars, New York Yangji’s Alon Judge and Jeff McNeil have played in Atit Bailile in 2012. McNer told the media that his former coach was one of the main reasons why he still playing professional baseball. He recalled: “He gave me a chance, and the whole summer will stay in the team throughout the summer.

Jiaji said that his season he grew as a professional player for Atthali. He was taken from the total 32nd position in the draft. Jiaji told the media: “The most critical to me is to be with some of the best university players, whenever you have a strong enemy, you can always go further. I have every minute of every minute of the summer. Very enjoyable. “

The Orange County Coast Academy The baseball team was originally opened on Tuesday that they were in the Southeast Sanzi area, and the players were discussing whether they were playing as scheduled or postpone the schedule.