MLB September 30 Summary: All the playoffs are all determined to take the last bus

On September 30, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Union has conducted a total of 16 games. The specific competition is as follows: Pirates 0-3 red people, red scitch 2-1 bear, space people 4-3 Jinyi (first), space 5-2 Jinyi (the second), Yangji 8-5 red socks, Dodge 10-6 giants, blue bird 3-4 light, Warriors 0-3 Philadelphians, Tiger 5-6 winemakers, marin fish 0-1 Metropolis (13 bureaus), white socks 3-8 Shuangcheng, Indians 4-9 Royal, National 12-2 Rocky, Snake 5-4 priest, sports home 5-2 Angel, visitors 1-4 sailor.

The US League playoffs has been determined that New York Yangji will usher in the home of the Auckland sports home, and the winners of the two teams will challenge Mei Liandong District Championship Boston Red Lock. Houston Spaceholders will compete with the Cleveland Indians to compete for another Tickets for another Meidian final.

In terms of the National Union, all teams participating in the playoffs have been determined, but the specific playoffs will be determined in the last day of the season. Atlanta Warriors have locked the Eastern District Championship. There is a first situation in China (Bear, winemaker) and Guo Lianxi District (Rocky, Dodge), and if you are still in column after tomorrow, it will be determined by the “163th Routine Routine” decision partition champion. Attribute. The second partition will meet in the outer card.

Slim 2-1 bear

In the second half of the first game, the bear team got a point in the preparation of the Hashque. In the fourth place, Paul – Deloda’s first base is a hit helping the Red Senda to equalize the score. In the first half of the fifth game, Matt-Coptene’s antestacle made the Red Picking team 2-1 lead, the Hashque team maintained this score to the end of the game. However, due to the end of the game, the Mid-Dao Qi team is overwhelmed, the red scitch officially missed the playoffs. The bear team is because of the loss of the game, and the wineman will overcome tiger in a later competition, so that the two teams are listed in the country.

The red tick team first pitched Miles-Miaoras 8 losses 1 point (0 points for blame), and sent 6 three vibrations. Carlos Martinnes rescue success. The bear team first sent a pitcher Cole-Hamels 7 losses 2 points (1 self-responsive), sent 8 three vibrations.

Dodge 10-6 giants

In the first place, Job Peterson played the 25th rampant, the Dodge team 1-0 lead. In the second bureau, the 23rd rampant of the Ashiel Pol Ge star will rewrite the score to 2-0. Second, three or two games, the giant team depends on Golkis-Ernown and Joe-Panick’s
3-2 anti-ratios. In the fourth game, the second base of Enrick Ernands will be equal to the score, Pitter Corretton Kok Xiao played a leader with two points, 5-3.

The second half of the fifth bureau, Hunter Pens, the second base, and Joe-Panick’s high-flying sacrifice make the two teams back to the same running line. In the first half of the eighth game, Manni Mathado’s three bases was played to make the Dodgers 6-5 regain the lead. The first half of the ninth bureau, Chris Taylor’s Baseball, Marcos-Mangsi’s second base and Cody-Beilinjeng’s aquatable will enlarge the leading advantages of Daoqi to 10-5. The giant team retrans into a city in the lower half of the nine bdages, but the Dodge team still overcomes the giant team with 10-6, got the last rancing quota, and chasing the first Lochi team.

Malinfish 0-1 Metropolis (https://www.maillotspascherfr.com13 games)

Ostson – Johnson hits the next half of the 13th Bureau to see the homes to send Michael Converton. David Welcome to the Career Xie Curtain War – Lite was replaced in the fifth game and accepted the opening of the whole fan.

Warrior 0-3 Philadelphians

The second half of the seventh place, Cesal-Ernandez and Odu Belle-Erela helped Phi Ming people 3 points. The Alon Nora 7 did not lose, and 8 tri-vibrations were sent.

Tiger 5-6 winemaker

The first bureau is over, Nico-Goodrum is the next city to the tiger. In the third bureau, Gudrum sent back to two teammates with a three-base playback. In the third bureau, Christian-Yaleqi played the 35th rastower of the season, and the winemaker recovered two points. In the second half of the fourth place, Jonathan-Sku’s second base is home to help the wineman pull the score. Eric Kraz’s alarm makes winemakers with 5-3 leading tigers.

The fifth bureau is in the upper half, the 23rd rampant of Nikolas – Casteanos match will be divided into nearly 4-5. In the upper half of the sixth game, the Tiger team played a high-flying sacrifice to fight the score. In the second half of the seventh place, Christian-Jeregia once again opened again, helping the winemaker eventually defeated the tiger team at 6-5. After this game, Jerich had hoped to compete for the national association to fight the three crowns, the wineman team lined up with the Pearl of Bear, and packed the courses in the records in the Central District.

Tiger Team Niku-Guadrum 2, 1 time, 3 points. Springs Christian – Jereg 2 hammer, 3 points.

National 12-2 Rocky

In the first place, Hu An-Sodo seasons 25th second bases will help the National Team 2-0 lead. In the second half, Adam-Eaton’s leadership and Trete Turner’s two-point gun will be expanded to 5-0. In the second half, Karlos-Gonzalez played a spring gun, 5-1. The second half of the fifth game and the second half, Sodo and Noland – Arrecoto played a spring spring gun for their teams, 6-2.

The seventh place, the upper half of the seventh game, Wilmer Di Fu and Michael-A-Taylor’s anattors were a three-point, 9-2. In the middle of the eighth game, the second three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-three-stroned earth, and the roll of Juan Sodo will expand the score to 11-2. In the first half of the ninth game, Tre-Terna’s first base is playing the audience than partitioned in 12-2. After this bureau, the results of the Rociji team were chased by the Dodge, and the first in the country of the country.

The Washington National Team first sent a pitcher Stephen-Strasberg appeared 2 points, sent 7 three vibrations. Juan – Sodo two pace 4 points. Tre-Turner and Adam Eaton each played 3 security.