MLB sailor main family 2-4 negative space people swallowed 3 losing defeat rankings

The sailor is defeated home

The sailor is defeated home

On June 4th, Beijing time, the 2019 season MLB American Professional Baseball Union Competition continued. The number of Seattle Sailors in the United States of Meiwei District met the lead in Houston Spaceman in the same district. The space is a leader of 3-0, and then, although the sailor chases to 2-3, but in the end, it is still 2-4, and the 3 games will be given to the opponent 4 consecutive victories, and the space people are still in the United States of America. .

Data highlight

The spaceman first sent a pitcher Kribin-Martin main investment 3.0 bureau was hit 4 patriaries 2 points, sent 3 three vibrations. In terms of whaleling, although the whole team only has 5 kinds of beats, but the basic movements can be completed when there are three bases out of the game. Although Guierier has not contributed 2 points. The Redkei has 1 point of Tienos.

The sailor uses a cowshed day, and the pseudo-first pitcher Kri Gillein is 1.0 bureau is knocked 2, and there is a slap. Wade Le Brappie 8.0 games only 1 point. In terms of work, Smith has a river spring gun.

Game process

The first half of the game, the visiting spaceman has a good job. Braggman is hitting the second base after hitting the building. Redick played the far-reaching three-running three-way three-way home to send back Brayman, Guriel’s rollback. Then the arrested Chrinos played a spring gun. 1 The half spaceman gets 3-0 leaders.

The second half of the 3rd game, Smith and Enena Siyan played 2 yang spring guns, and chasing the score to 2-3. However, there is no chance to chase someone else.

In the middle of the 6 games, Bregman was played with Radick, and the Gurier’s rollback Earth sent back again. Space people 4-2 expand the leading advantage.

Then, the two sides did no points, and the flight space was defeated by 4-2.

Both parties

Houston Space: First stick left outer wilder DRI-Fisher, the second guerrillate Alex-Bregman, the third rod designated blow Jose-Redick, the fourth stick Guriel, fifth stick Catcher Robinson – Chibinos, the sixth stick, a barrier Thaille-White, seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Hick Marisik, eighth stick two bases Jack – Melfield, ninth Bar pitcher right outside

Seattle Sailor: First Bar Sino-Outside Wild Hand Malers – Smith, Second Bar Right Field Miqi – Hanger, Third Based, Lead Edwin – Enkaisi, Fourth Body Specify Strike Dan – Woger Buck, the fifth base 3rd bases, Hig, the sixth stick, Omar-Navare, the seventh stick, the left outer country, Doming Ge – Santana, the eighth stick two bases, Dad. Ninth Bar guerrilla Dyland – Moore

On June 5, Beijing, the two teams will carry out the second game of 4 series. Space people are expected to send Wade Milla, and he is currently 5 wins and 3 defeat, and the self-population is 3.25. The sailor has not yet been published.