MLB National Federation Focus War Wine Person 2 points to defeat the Warrior Hao five consecutive victories

On the morning of July 16th, Beijing time, the US duty wander Union Milwaukee winemaker home against https://www.maillotspascherfr.comthe Arransh Warriors, the Warriors rely on Freddy-Fremy’s winning three-year gun, Warriors 4-2 overcome the winemaker, consolidating the team The top position of the National District of China.

Game process

The first game, two first firms sent three three. In the middle of the second game, Josh Donalson played https://www.fanartikelsportde.coma hit, but Ozi Albis played a double kill, Adrian – Huishi completed the alternative three. In the second half of the second place, Max Fried again sent three three times.

In the third bureau, Huoze relaxed to solve the two sticks after the opponent. In the third bureau, Kiston-Ri Pu played a winemaker in the first place.

In the fourth game, Xiaofarnad Akunia and Dansby-Swansen successively played an actions, Freddy-Fremman, a three-way gun, Warriors, 3-0 to get a lead. In the second half of the fourth place, Christian-Jeregia hit and stolen the second base, Asman Gran Dolu was sent to the base.

In the fifth game, Huoze sent three three. In the second half of the fifth bureau, the Pu played the landlord to play and stolen the three bases, but Orlando-Assa’s blow made the Pu death before the home. In the upper half of the sixth game, Freddy-Freman saved the barrier.

The second half of the sixth bureau, Josh Tomsto replaced
the first hair. The first bat is Lan Braun, bombards the Yangchun, 3-1. Gran Dao was arguing with the referee after being killed by the three vibration. Mike Musakas played a hit, and the Pu played the three bases and sent back to Musakas, 3-2.

The seventh game, Albes, Brian McAn and Austin – Riley continuously played back, 4-2. Junnor Garaqi first pitched Adrian – Huish. Gra solutions the next three beators. In the second half of the seventh place, Yelician was hit. The eighth game, Gla and Anthony – Swazak sent three three.

In the first half of the ninth game, Albis played the second base to play, Riley and Akunia were selected to ensure the formation of the upper base, but Dansby Swanson was over the semi-bureau.

The second half of the ninth Bureau, the end of the three three times closed, the Warriors final 4-2 defeated the winemaker.

Both sides

Atlanta Warrior:

First stick: Chinese and foreign wilder Lord Ronard – Akunia

Second, guerrilla Dansby – Swansen

Third Bottom: A barrier Freddy – Fremman

The fourth great: the three bases, Yash-Donalson

The fifth good: Right outer wilder Nick Malkiys

Sixth stick: two bases Ozi Albes

Seventh: Catcher Brian – McAn

rod: left outer wilder, Ostdom, Riley

Ninth, Pitcher Max – Fried

Milwaukee brewant:

First stick: Chinese and foreign wild hands Lorenzo – Kane

Second Bar: Right Outer Wilder Cristian – Yalege

Third 棒: Leftal wilder hand Len Braun

Fourth Nice: Catcher Yasman – Gran Dol

The fifth rod: Tablet Mike Musakas

Sixth Bat: Based on Hessus – Aguilar

Seventh: Two bases Kingston

Eighth rod: guerrilla Orlando – Assia

Ninth Bat: Pitcher Adrian – Huish

Next look

Tomorrow’s two teams will carry out the second game of the three series, from Brahwilson (1 win and 0 negative, 6.14, 15 times of self-sharing) against Brandon-Woodrf (10 wins and 3 losses) The self-vocation rate is 3.67, 12 6 times.

Wilson’s last large alliance was first lost by the Philadelphians 6 games, but last week in the small alliance competition. The ruins of the rookie pitcher may show greater power in the cowshed.

The winemaker will send the first time, the first time, Wood Rapu, who is first selected, and think that a small interval will make him up in the next half of the season’s excellent performance.