MLB – Dodge opens crazy score model National Affairs Card to compete for the battle again

On September 16th, Beijing time, the United States-based Works Great League regular season continued to stage the Los Angeles Dodge and St. Louis Purchasing the Direct Competition of the National Federation of the National Association of the Tricks, this is the third game of the four consecutive battles.
The two games are Dodge. Winning, so the winners of the two sides have been flat before the game. This game, the Dodge Walch broke out, a total of 16 installs were 17 points, and finally gain a series of three consecutive victories at a disparity score of 17-4.

Puig is the focus of the audience today, today's 3stroquattrace has 7 points

Puig is the focus of the audience today, today’s 3stroquattrace has 7 points

[Data Highlight]

St. Louis Rock:

This field was made by John Ganste, in the past seven first hair, Gantte played a good, 5 wins and 1 loss, the self-sharing rate was 1.60, only 7 points but sent 31 passes. As its career for the first time in the first time, Gantt gave embarrassing data. In the 4.1 bureau played in the battle, he was hit 6 points and all self-blame. After that, the Dodes of the Dodes will open. “Pandora’s Magical Box”, together to give the red scitch pitcher group 17 points, which is the most fascinating competition for this season.

The offense of the rickets is compared with the latter. There is a total of 5 security hits, including 1st running bar, the resulting 4 points are obtained in the 4th game, after the attacked, because the other’s momentum is too fierce, but the end of the game No breakthroughs were also obtained.

Los Angeles Daoqi:

The team’s first pitcher is Rich-Hill, as a team’s second hair, this season, due to its own injury, only 21 times for the team, win 8 wins and 5 losses, self-responsibilities The rate of 3.88. In this field, Hill is full of 5 games, falling 4 points and full blame, but only beaten 2 security beat but also gives the other eight three-vibration, the self-blanking ratio is 4.02, because the teammates’ fire support is too Frequently, it https://www.maillotsenligne.comis easy to get another victory.

In terms of work, the data of this field is extremely dazzling. The whole team has 3 people playing the home, the Chinese and foreign wilder CD-Belinje has 6 points, and the teammate right outside the country After him, after playing 2 projects yesterday, I made more 3 homes, 7 points, and the wind can be said that no one can. However, today’s Dao brush for so many points, I don’t know if I will continue to have such a good state output tomorrow.

[Competition process]

In the upper half of the 1 game, Dodge as a visitor, first, first by the second stick Jasteine ??- Tenian, afterwards, by Mannemato, to win 2 points, Dodge The first place will lead to 2-0.

The fourth bureau, the “Cuba Missile”, the “Cuban Missile”, the “Cuban Missile”, the “Cuban Missile”, a Yangchun, a Yangchun, and then 1 point, 3-0 to enter the second half of this Council.

The second half of the 4th Bureau, the red scitch launched counterattack, under the situation, Dodge pitcher Rich-Hill suddenly picked up the situation, continuous shooting could not find a good shield and then guarantee the three kinds of beals in the opponent. After the sixth rod, the sixth sticks of the red ramp were selected from the 75-mile big curball in Hill, and the left outer field was swayed. Ultra super.

The second home of Puigg has 3 points

The second home of Puigg has 3 points

5 bureaus, Dodge responded in a more violent attack. First, Kodi-Beilinjack is played in the case of a hit, and the two people on the base are sent back to the home, and the Dodge 5-3 will enter the anti-super situation and one, and the three bases. After that, it is Ashiel Piger, playing the large number of homes in the left foreign country, and the Dodge completed the cleaner and got 3 points, and the single bureau received a total of 5 points, and this score of this score at 8-4.

The 6 games, Dodge has expanded the lead, first, the two consecutive people have achieved the best in the event, and then in the situation of one person, it will hit the right field in the direction of the right field. 1 At this time, the Dodge is already a leader of 9-4. However, this Council has not ended, Kodi-Belinjan is played, and then adds a remember, retrieved 1 point, and the leading half of the Dodge 10-4.

In the middle of the 8 games, there were two homes to contribute to the Ashiel Piger, which had two people in the package, and contributed to the third bomb again, retrieving 3 points, Dodge has It is the high score of 13-4 leading, and then the Dodiously did not score this half.

The 9th game is half, and the Dodge is another score. First, I took a picture of a bureau, and the second base was taken. After the preparation of the red rheina made the Bryan-Dozale, the home base is added, and the Dodge has been 14-4. However, the offensive still did not end, and the Codi, which has been contributed to the contribution. Berlin Jiejin added a 3-point home run, and once again gave the red tones, the team has ended a half bureau at 17-4. .

9 bureaus, the final attack, but at this time, the whole team has long been unintentional, looking forward to the game can be completed as soon as possible, forming a rapid three-three strokes, and the ramp finally completed the game with a huge difference of 4-17, The series of three games.

[Two Party First]

First stick: Chinese and foreign wild hand Harrison – Bad

Second Bar: Right Outer Wild Hand Jose – Martinez

Third Bottom: Guerrilla Paul – Delong

Fourth stick: left outer wilderman Masel – Austrian

The fifth rod: three bases, Jude Jo尔o

Sixth Bat: Based on Parkrick – Winshim

Seventh: Two bases Clerton – Wang

Eighth rod: Catcher Yadie – Molina

Ninth, Pitcher John – Gant

Los Angeles Daoqi:

First good: left outer wilder Job – Peterson

Second Bar: Three Squarie Justine – Turner

Third, guerrilla Manni Madoxo

The fourth great: a barrier Mados – Mangxi

The fifth rod: Catcher Asman-Graniro

Sixth stick: Chinese and foreign wilder Cody-Belinje

Seventh: Right outside wilder, Yaheier Puig

Eighth rod: Two bases

Ninth, pitcher Rich-Hill

[Next prospect]

After this game, the Dodge recorded Dodge record has been 82 wins and 67 losses, and the second position is ranked by the country of the country, and the sagny has 1 win difference. Given the first Milvi winemaker in the exterior card, there is a 3.5 advantage of the Milti, and the red rhech is a relatively safe 3.5 leading advantage. Therefore, the Second External Card of China It should still be generated between the two teams of Dodge and Purple, and there will be a more fierce killing between the two games.

Tomorrow will carry out the final battle of the four consecutive battles, because the results of the two sides will change the current national and foreign card seat competition, so this is predictive by ESPN as Sunday Night Tournament in the entire North America Live broadcast. The red scitch will be played by the former team’s king Adam – Wen Wayte, after four months of injury, Wen Wright finally returned to the main game of the Pipzburgh pirate on the 10th this month. The round value, although only 5 bureaus, but it has fallen 4 points, which is the most this season, https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comthe self-sharing rate has also risen to 4.70, but there is no guarantee and continuously solve the final face of the eight players, how much It shows some big pitks of the old skills.

The first-year-old pitcher announced by the Dodge, which has previously been raised in the team. It includes 18 first hair, 8 wins and 3 defeats, the self-sharing rate 2.61. Tomorrow will be the first time in Strin, in this season, in the past, there was a four-day battle record, achieved 1 win 1 defeat, self-sharing rate 4.09.