MLB-Coria goodbye to the home base to kill the space of the space, the main point of the competition

On the first game, Rand Land has cast a half-game in three, the first bureau’s lower Springer selected to keep the base, but Brantley knocked out the double kill. The second bureau’s top base 456 battles can still be unable to be able to beaten, and after the next cloth, Legmanian, Alvarez, selected 1, 2 bases, Some people, after this, the second base of Coreya will take the lead in leading the lead . On the third bureau, Willand once again solved the three consecutive three consecutive people, and opened three three times. The third game was knocked out in Blantee and Otti, and Parxon was replaced by Green. Results after Green Have a resolution crisis. After the fourth game, the Leme Mee was selected, Alon Jia Qi stared out the two-point cannon to the Biography, the fourth place, the next Green also cast three three. On the fifth game, Mei Ping knocked out to make the base, but the yang line did not form series, the fifth game was replaced in the Yangji, the Yangchun gun, the spring gun, so that the spaceman slammed the score. The Sixth Bureau of the Sixth Bureau, the anattors of Torres, let Yangji account for 1, 2 bases, but unfortunately, Kadner’s antenger is dead, Yangji wasts a good opportunity to score, the sixth game He also completed the half-bureau in three three. On the seventh place, Wiland was resended after the Pasin, Harris also successfully solved the attack of Yangji’s semi-bureau, and the seventh place will once again vote for three strokes. After the eighth game, Jiaqi did the guarantee, Ausona took the ball to successfully solved the Yangji Center Way, the eighth game under Briton took the ball, although it shot 1 guarantee but did not let space people attacked. lock up. On the Ninth Council, Otus also casts a half-bureau in three three, the ninth bureau, Chapman, to ensure that Diaz but three vibrate three space people. The competition entered the tenth game of the extended competition, the spaceman replaced with Joe-Smith, and he came up with three players https://www.maillotsenligne.comin a row, the tenth game, Sabasia, solved the opponent Blanzia, after replacing it Lo’yga takes place to pick up the ball. In the case of a proceeding, the Otti and Braggman, the Beno coach selection to change to Hap to clean up the resident, and first vibrate each other’s Alvarez, and solved Gurui. El doubled the crisis. The eleventh bureau’s guarantees and Kardner Anni let Yang Jiejun account for 1, 2 bases, and the spaceman replaced James to pick up the ball, and finally Zuangchez resolved the crisis. The eleventh bureau, Carlos-Coria knocked out, then the home base, the final space is 3 to 2 to kill the Yangji.