MLB-9, 10 o’clock live sailor VS Angel, the west fire, strong

Water away challenge angel

Water away challenge angel

Beijing time on June 9th, 10:07 will stage a Messian West District civil war, the Seattle Sailor Team is a city, challenge the Los Angeles angel team, which is the second game of the three series of games in the competition. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Battle review

The sailor is highly opened, and the current record is 27 wins and 40 parents in the United States of America, and the space people headed up will be 18 medals. The loss of loss is 63 points, the total alliance countdown No. 7, the United https://www.mlbtrojerse.comNumber 5 of the United States. The soldier is still very good. The whole team has a total of 118 rays. The Alliance is only 120 in the double city, while the angel’s 86 can only be placed in the 14th place in the
union. The total score of 343 points is also the second, second only to 367 points in the double city. The sailor is short-lasting, and seven more recently. The sailor almost unrestrained in front of the strong brigade, and the team of the team with the five% wins rate is 14 wins and 35.

After the angel lost in today’s game, he was encountered two-game losing, and the last 10 won five games. At present, the angel is located in the United States of Mei 30, and 13.5 wins from the space person, but only 3.5 wins from the outer card line, far from the point of the treatment. The main problem of angel is still in the pitcher group, the total loss of 327 points, the total number of alliances, the team’s self-sharing rate is as high as 5.04, the fourth poor in the Alliance. Fortunately, the opponent sailor team is worse: the total loss of 406 points is the most alliance, the self-sharing rate is 5.23 third difference.

Game point

Considering that the two teams have a good offensive power, and the situation of pitcher is really caught, this is very likely to be a wonderful stimulus, the firefighting war of gunfire.

First firing

Sailor team first firing: Ju Chiki

The angel team first pitcher: Dion Peters

The sailor is a first pitcher by Jane Chry Chrysantry, which is signed from the Japanese duty rod. The 27-year-old case has recently been unstable. They only adhere to the 3.1 bureau, and they were knocked 10 security, and they lost 4 points and 6 points respectively. They swallowed two failures, which The self-vocation rate rose from 3.43 to 4.43. His recent first year is on May 31, Beijing time, the opponent is just an angel, and the sailor lost the game with 3-9. To this end, the sailor coach Scott Serbis made the big league rookie skip once, let him get a full rest. This is also the 14th Grand League of Juchi Xurong.

The angels recalled Dion
Peters from the 3A Small Alliance. The 26-year-old pitcher recently made a good 3A, and the last 5 post-blanking rate is quite good 3.12. This is also his first time for the first time in this season, he has been playing three times as a cow shed three times in the season. This is also his 12th time in the big league. It took a total of 16 times in a total of 3 wins and 4 defeats.

Focus star

The sailor is the base of the armor, Edwin, Dominica – Nakaisi is the alliance in recent years. This year, the 36-year-old right-winter is in the 2012-2018 season, and the 32-year-old horn will be paid for 7 consecutive years in 7 consecutive years. In addition to the 98 points of 2014, there are at least 104 in other 6 years. Sharp the account. This season still has a stable performance, paying out the number 17 of the team, and can also be ranked fourth in the United States.