MLB-3 day Directive Meiyouka Card Death War Sports Home In the Playoffs

Beijing time October 3, 8:09, the Melon West Auckland Sports Family team will meet the Gulf of Tampa Bay, the main Auckland Arena, which is a winning and negative external card. The winner will advance to the New York, the New York, the best in New York, who is best, the best in the United States, will be officially ended. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:

[Battle Review]

Two teams have been very strong this season, and it is also a tiger tiger tail. Tampa Bay’s rays in the conventional season’s final battle Toronto Blue Bird team has nothing to do with the ranking and promotion, except for the last two games, the previous game is 20 wins and 6 losses. The last game of Auckland Sports Family team lost to the Seattle Sailor Team, but it was also unrelated to rank. Previously, the sports team received 18 wins and 6 well-old.

The sports team has achieved the advantage of the external card battle with the weak advantages of 1 winner in the regular season.

[Game points]

The same experience has experienced a long routine season of 162 games, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the Tampa Bay (96 wins 66 losses) and the Auckland sports team (97 wins 65 negative), finally came to a deadly death. Outer card warning time. The sports team rushed into the outer card last season, but she hated to defeat the New York, this season naturally did not want historical repeat, and the radians were returned to the season after five seasons, nature nature I hope that the empty hand is returned.

This is two teams to enter the seasons at the same time but they are the first front. The first time was in 2013, the radiance defeated the Cleveland Indians in 4-0 in the outer card, but a 1 won in the Meidian partition championship was given to the Boston Red Sox. The Auckland Sports Family won the name of the United States of America, but 2 wins and 3 losses in the Meidian partition championship to the Detroit Tigers. The United Association of Associated in the year was the Boston Red Socks, and eventually defeated the State of the St. Louis Hashque, the World Competition.

Is it a ray or a sports team to compensate, successfully advanced?

[First, Pitcher]

Sports team first hairpinner: Shawn Marina (4-0, self-blade rate 1.21)

The radiance first pitcher: Charlie-Morton (16-6, self-blade rate 3.05)

Sports team’s first pitcher Sean-Marinaian is only 27 years old, is a throne of the sports team. After nearly 12 months of left shoulders, it has not yet lost, left Pitched Madaia has played five games, 4 wins and 0 losses, self-sharing rate 1.21, and the 19.1 bureau was played 16 security, 7 times, sent 30 three times. After Mada completion, two of the majority of the home were obtained, and the self-sharing rate was only 2.13. Madia did not have any experience in the playoffs. The career is only 3 times, the performance is 1-1, the self-sharing rate is 2.70, and the most recent dictor is also the weakest, in 2018 At the end of May, the 5th game was hit on the 5th game of 5, and the final sportsman 0-6 will be lost.

For the head of the radio team, the choice of the first firing is very easy. Charlie – Morton is more than just the top of the top of the season, but also has the experience of the playoffs, 7 shots of battle 2-2, self-blade rate 4.60, and this season Morton in battle sports team It is a highlighted expression of suppressive, 1-0, and only 0.68 in the blame rate, the 13.1 game is only 1 point.

At the Auckland Arena, Morton cast a 6.1 bureau. When he was 1-1 flat, the final sports team won 4 points in the 9th game, winning 5-4. Morton has never been victory in the home of Oakland, although 3 times first sent 0-1, the self-sharing rate is only 1.65. And his five-game forward score rate is as high as 7.52.

Charlie – Morton is the end of the 2018 season and the rays sign, the rays of the Baseball Senior Vice President, Hyim Broom, said that this contract sign is really much.