Miami dolphins claimed to run the Sanitary Global, and he had rushed two thousand code season in the wild horse.

Philip – Lindai wants to go to South Florida!

On November 25, local time, Miami Dolphins officially announced that they have signed the Linsay from the exemption procedure. As a previous day, Lin Sai was placed in the exemption process by Houston Texas, and he didn’t have to find new east, and his broker also confirmed this message.

Dolphins need to inject more talents in their offensive backfinder, because they are one of the worst of the entire NFL road attack. Entering the 12th week, the number of road surfaces of the dolphins has only 77.4 yards, and the rankings of the collation of the collation. The team’s scorpion code is only 3.4 yards. The ranking of the Ranking League is second, and the average number of 22.5 times per game is used. The ranking is third; the average of 4.4 times per game is only a first attack, the ranking alliance countdown Three; 7-time mushroom reachable array is also ranked third.

Taking into account the team offensive in the pavement, it is not surprising that the talent running guards they introduced in Lin Sai will be odd. This year’s 27-year-old Linsay signed a contract with Texas in the last day, his career began in Denver wild horses. In Houston, Lindan rarely used it, so that everyone thinks that Lin Sai lost his own, Houston has David-Johnson, Rex – Berkheide and Mark Engham (now transferred to the saints) Crowded Ecrower Council.

In March this year, Lin Sai has signed a short price of $ 3.25 million in Houston, including 1 million US dollar guarantee and an extra $ 500,000 active bonus. This season, Lin Singn participated in the number of 48% of the Texas people, but only completed 130 yards of the scorpion, and 3 buses pushed 37 yards. But in fact, Lin Sai’s top two seasons in the wild horses, rushing out each season. Three years of Denver’s career, Linsay accumulated 2550 yards and 17 sholes. As a fall show, this result is very good.

Texas believes that Lin Sai can have no one, so I cut him and let the team needed him. Dolphin is needing a forest season, and now Lin Sai will join the combination of running guards composed of Miles Gaskin, Savord Ahmed and Patrick-Lord. He can make a main force with Gaskin, and can also use the ball to reduce the quadrant pressure.