Let people love and hate NBA, do you know how much is it to spend us?

In July 2019, Tencent renewed the digital media broadcast copyright agreement on the original cooperation, and the new cycle was 2020-2025.The amount of cooperation is a 5-year $ 1.5 billion, in order now, the RMB is converted to the US dollar 1: 6.386, 5 years is 9.579 billion yuan(However, because of the influence of the epidemic, it is reported that NBA has a 10% discount on Tencent’s broadcast contract, about $ 270 million per year).

Although shortly after renewal, NBA’s related practitioners should make CCTV to completely disconnect CCTV, but most of the game people can still pay for the video end of Tencent.After all, the NBA has been deep into the bone marrow of the fans in more than 20 years, and the basketball game is already part of life.https://www.maillotbasket6.com

Before the start of this season, another mobile video website Mi Mi video also got the NBA new media live broadcast platform. But all the games are the NBA Alliance’s interests, and they need to pay for a payment. And Tencent’s live Copyright, they can choose some of the games for free for users to watch and play a considerable drainage.

According to the total cost of cooperation with NBA and NBA, the total price of approximately 4 years is about 400 million US dollars, which is approximately 1.477 billion people.

Today, these two video sites are NBA only two places to watch video live games in mainland China. Of course, the wool is in the sheep, and Tencent will definitely do not do a big head, high sports member fees and advertisements for well-known brands, because of the NBA’s event, he also successfully locked it. The huge basketball fan group, this is the most important thing “flow” in the mobile Internet era.

Take the opening ceremony of the season Lakers and the Clippers, the number of people in Tencent Sports video reached 24.86 million at the time.And the same game in the US TNT TV broadcast live only is only 4.1 million, you have to admit that this is the capital of NBA negotiations, I have such a big influence in your country.

Similarly, the CBA League in our country reached a sign of 5 years of $ 2 billion last year, and the amount of cooperation was only a quarter of Tencent and NBA’s contract, and this is an agreement to reach at the price of Mi Mi video. .

It is worth noting that the two major video portal platforms that have been broadcasting the CBA competition have given up the renewal of CBA. It can be seen that in the previous cooperation, the CBA’s game broadcast did not give two good revenue or huge traffic.

You have to admit that we can often see friends around you talk about NBA’s stars or wearing their shoes, jersey. And only the way we understand the way we understand the CBA player. You are very difficult to see people wearing CBA jungle shoes. This is the most intuitive gap.

In the nearly 20 years of Jordan, he and Nike’s joint spheroes AJ series is a hot globe. It is reported that Nike Jordan brand is about $ 3.14 billion in 2019, while Jordan has taken 1.3 through this division. One hundred million U.S. dollars.

The same Chinese market has great contribution to Nike Sales, and 2020 Nike affected by the epidemic is still $ 6679 billion in mainland China, about 43 billion yuan. It has a market share in China’s sports goods market in about 25.6%, while the domestic sporting goods faucets and Li Ning share are only 15.4% and 6.https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
7% respectively.

The NBA player has played a lot of role in Nike’s sales in China. In addition to Michael Jordan mentioned above, the active NBA Super Star Zhong Ramb James, Kevin Durant, “Letter Brother” Ado Kunbo is a speaking person.

Although cultural varies, you have to admire NBA far from the viewing of our domestic league in terms of ornamental, professional, stunning capabilities.

The CBA new season begins before Zhou Qi and Xinjiang’s contract and the universal two defeat of the League management team, forcing the country’s best basketball players to go far away from Australia. Guo Allen has never played a game due to punishment.

A few days ago, I have exposed the international basket technology official certification physical fitness test, two CBA referee Wei Guoliang, Ye Nan cheating, so such a referee, can you https://www.maillotbasket6.com expect him to achieve true fairness and fairness in the game?

Our professional league has a relatively long way to go, not only to expand the team is so simple, the service level of the league, the team’s management level, etc. must be improved. These are already very mature and perfect in NBA, which is one of the reasons why he can go out of the world’s high transfer rights around the world. We should take a humble attitude to learn people’s strengths, rather than one patriotic to blind your eyes.

After four years that can foresee, NBA will have a new round of demand in China will sell more than now.It is important to know that Tencent bought NBA five years in 2015 is $ 500 million.This number was doubled when it was in 2019.

This is the magic and power of the NBA, sometimes you will feel he hate him, but you can’t https://www.nbatrikots4.comhelp but pay attention to him.