Less the ball to Coss Cins? Viking people in anti-bureau

November 6 (Wen / ESPN Courtney Cronin Compile / Love) When Minnesota Wei Jing, Mike, Qi Miri, when he was asked with the pavement of pavement, he once said that he would change his thinking and want to pursue a more balanced The offense … However, the actual game is not so incredible. In the 28-22 defeating the package, the star running Darwin-Cook, the total of 226 yards, 4 times, including the road 30 times, push the 163 yards 3 times; after a few days, Qi Mo changed Talks.

“I think we still want to be a team entry into the team, a team leading the team.” Qi Mun said.

At present, 2 wins and 5 negative Viking are as high as 48% in designing inner mushrooms, leading the entire alliance, and although the groin is injured in the inguinal injury absent, Cook is still in the scorpion code (652 yards) The second data is ranked in two data (108.7 yards). He has already reached a consecutive game for 6 consecutive games, and the alliance has continued to reach the most adjacent. And from the beginning of the season, 23 times will be ranked second.

Under the performance of the Cook monster, the work of Saxie Kirk Coss is naturally reduced, he only has 14 passes, 11 goals to promote 160 yards, 1 time passing to reach Chat and drop the ball. According to the data, his 1.79 yard’s pass codes have passed the second less than 10 times in the past 15 seasons, and he passed the farthest time in this game – only flying 8 yards!

Interestingly, who is the only four-defense for a pass code less than 1.79 yards? Teddy – Bridgewater. Yes, this happened in 2015, he was also in Viking, where they face the raid, and when the team mainly running the “strongest” Adrian Peterson ran out. 203 yards.

Obviously, Cook’s eruption allows Viking people more close to victory. However, the team is so heavy to renew Cousins, in order to leave him in 2020-2022, it has to spend 96 million US dollars during the period of 2020-2022, just to make him 14 balls, play a deputy for Cook? This is very strange. But when you pursue how you can give you more victims, all signs point to Cook.

Since 2017, all the records of all the 100 yards of Cook and the number of codes exceeded 100 yards. The record of Viking is 14 wins and 4 losses; contrary, their record is 6 wins and 12 losses. 1 flat. In addition to garbage time, Cook is in the case, the expected score of each of the teams at the team is 0.21, and the promotion success rate is 49%; but when the Viking is chosen, the two data fell to 0.15 and 45.5 respectively. %.

“Our feature is more confrontation, smarter, control time, let the defensive group fully rest, give Coss, some more easily handled the situation to continue the attack.” Cook said, “he did very good, and We are just like running on your own backyard, just like this. “

Just like the Weijing offensive coordinator plus the Kugabian Koiki – how to say, the Viking is how to play. In the face of packaging, Viking people have gained opportunities in the end area, the team chooses to believe the Cook; and Cook is not expensive, becoming the first 4 waves in front of the team in the first 4 waves in front of the team. Player.

Perhaps the wind of the Lanbao Stadium is the reason why Viking is not the Lord to play the ball, but it is apparent that Cook plays an increasingly important role in the offense of Viking people. “We have always hope that Cook can bring such a game, we have done a lot of things that will be done, give him a broadband zone. We also let him do a lot of rushing in the inside, especially the game is fast, we I hope that he is very good through the running ball control time. “

Pavement entry, control time, limit opponent, stay leader, this is the situation where the Viking offensive group is hoped; Especially the team facing the packaging work.

“I think every attack, if you can keep a ball, play a wave of 8 minutes, and get a big way, it is the most ideal offense.” Viking people plus Rare – Bradbury. “But this is a bit difficult to point, because a wave of attack is too long. I think we have also played 7 waves in the audience, we let it play, this is very good; but the last minute is slow and let us once Faced with the crisis, but we won the game. “

It is not the opponent of each game to let Cook run so unscrupulous, but when the chance will appear, it is difficult to see the strategy of Viking’s abandoned pavement. In the case where the competition is allowed, try to give the ball to Coss, which may be the only way to break the way.