Kanditreras single field double bears 7-3 win white socks Chicago de Battle

On June 20th, Beijing time, the US duty team has ended a “Fengcheng Germany”, https://www.maillotsenligne.com with the Single Single Single Single, including a home run, 7 more than 3 to 3 At the same city opponents, the series of two games were taken in the autumn colors.

Kanditreras single field

Kanditreras single field

Data highlight

The bear pitcher Leicester is only 1 out of the way to get the quality first

The bear pitcher Leicester is only 1 out of the way to get the quality first

The bears first pitched the pitcher Leicester 5.2 losses 3 points, and the high-quality first shot shoulders, and the 7 pivotes included in the two home runs were hit, and 6 were sent 6 times. In terms of hitting, 3 of the Single Single, 2, both of them, including a homework, and Bot also contributed a home run.

White socks first sent pitcher Jolito 4.1 Location lost 6 points, but can still be sent 9 three vibrations. https://www.fanartikelsportde.com In terms of strike, 4 of Moncada single game 2, two are long, Garcia and McCain contribute a home run.

Game process

Garcia, Garcia, hit the first hit home strike from Leicester, helping white socks in Deiber. However, the bear immediately blows the opposite angle. After Jialo was hit by a place, they sent two guaranteed two times. At this time, the cramps on the scene were hit by a full of guns, and they will be more than one fell swoop. Take 4-1. Hayward can also hit the play after this, but Jialo is stabilized, and sends two three-vibration to solve the battle.

The second game of Jolito sent another twice, and the two games were 4 points, but it also sent 5 three vibrations.

Although the Third Bureau of Jolito, although Zuo Ju, but in the two out of the game, I got the fight against Kangrtreras. This time https://www.trikotskaufenn.com he hit the home run, the bears will lead to 5-1.

The white socks recovered two points in the fourth game, first Sanchez hit the home run, and then the top three of the top three of the top three in the top three of the top three were sent back to Ximenez, and the white socks were only 3- 5 behind.

In the second half of the fourth place, Jolito was knocked on a home run. This hit the home base is Bot, and the bear 6-3 leads. Subsequently he was hit by Almora, although the union was knocked two long, but he still got three times.

The second half of the Jolito fifth bureau was replaced after Kanditreras, and the service did not solve the opponent three times.

The sixth game of the competition, the white hose strategy 4-6-3 double kill

The sixth game of the competition, the white hose strategy 4-6-3 double kill

The bear won the insurance points in the second half of the eighth game, and after https://www.mlbdrakterno.comthe two out of the game, Schwaberian was sent back to Racel, but he also died because of the radical rush of the base, died in three bases, eight games, Bear 7- 3 Lead.

The bears sent a Schisk rescue. He debuted the 7th rescue of the season.

Both sides

Chicago Bear

First stick left outer wilder Kyle, Schwar

Second stick, three base, Chris Bryant

Third stick, Anthony, Rizo

Fourth Battle Harville – Ba Dez

Fifth Bar Catcher Wilson – Kanditreras

Sixth rod right wilder Jason – Hawater

Seventh stick two bases David – Bot

Eighth stick Pitcher Jon Leicester

Ninth Bar Sinowfield Albert – Almora

Chicago White Socks

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Ryauri Garcia

Second Bar Tim – Anderson

Third stick, Bright, Jose, Abreu

Fourth stick, James, McCain

Fifth rod left outer wilder Eroei –https://www.maillotspascherfr.com Himenez

Sixth sticks, three bases, Joan-Mondada

Seventh stick right wilder Ryan Kodor

Eighth stick two bases Jolmer – Sanchez

Ninth stick, Lucas-Qiaolito

Next look

The bear will continue to take the home of the town tomorrow, to meet the challenge of the Metropolis, they will send Thatwood, Thatwood is resended in the first round value after Hendrick injury, this season, most of the time from the cowshed It was paid a self-sharing rate of 3.60, and he first sent back to the race of the snake on April 22, and his main investment six games did not lose.

White socks will take a break tomorrow, and then go to Texas to challenge the ride. Their first pitcher Lopez has been in the past five first self-interest points.

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