July 27 (Wen / Alden Gonzalez Compile / 皓阳) Dodge Pitcher Koko is going to send a game first on Friday, but sudden back and hurts makes him have to move forward four hours before starting the game. List, his first ninth unveiled battle of Dodge, has to be postponed again. Although Kok Xiao was moved into the injury list, it was reported that he now recovered well and will return to return.Kak 4 said that his injury was diagnosed with a team of medical treatment on Friday. At the same time, the team doctor also said that the situation was not too serious, and it was only a day, but the recovery speed was amazing. In general, the back https://www.mlbboutique2.com injury of Kex Xiao is still very optimistic, about it will heal next Saturday.In fact, in https://www.mlbtrojerse.com Wednesday, Kok, he had a back discomfort. In the routine power training, Kok 4 reported this situation, but the subsequent MRI scan results show that there is no abnormality in the back of Koke. In the few days, Kak 4 has been treated, but the situation did not change, the back muscles were too tight, and he could not compete for unveiled the battle.The small command Datin, Mei Cong, has passed the heavy responsibility of unveiling the first hair, only 60 goals, I vote 4.1 bureaus, only lost one point. Among them, the upper half of the three games, the situation of the top half, Mei successfully “bombed”, did not let the damage continue to expand, Mei is in the venue, showing the maturity of the age, his excellent performance is also The trust of the coach is reported that the next first-time chance of Kak 4 is likely to be https://www.fanstore2.com

replaced by him.

On Saturday training ground, Kokos only conducted a simple ball training. He said that the muscles are still a little tensile, but it is not very serious. The 32-year-old Zuo Pitcher is one of the most slammed power of the Great League in the past ten years. From 2011, the five-year-old Celeron award ticket has been selected for the first three and three degrees to win, and I have won the identity of the pitcher. National Union MVP.

Although the last two years is conservative, but the career of Kak 4 years has accumulated 67.9 WAR value, the career speech rate is as low as 2.44, and many excellent pitcher will have such a single life in a single life season. Rate, winning and Shengzheng also have 169 and 2464 times respectively, it seems that 200 wins and 3000K famous thresholds are not a problem.

“Nothing https://www.maillotsenligne.com is more worse than at this time,” Kokra is very depressed after the second consecutive year is missing, “” I have prepared it for so long, I can’t stand it is really uncomfortable. “