Jennifer Lopez engagement diamond ring pigeon eggs sun fiance is MLB Yankee legend

This offseason Manny – Machado and Bryce – Harper signed a series of contracts reached $ 300 million, exceeding the “A-Rod” Alex – Rodriguez 275 million record year, Steal the limelight. But retired Rodriguez has not lost the ability to make people jealous, he just created a big news: longtime girlfriend, famous singer Jennifer – Lopez engagement.

Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez attended the media event

Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez attended the media event

Rodriguez and Lopez show of affection has been for quite some time now. During last year’s A-Rod as ESPN Sunday Night game live guests, Lopez frequently visited game site, sitting on the edge of commentary seats, and even Once A-Rod was still under the watchful eyes of the ate two ice cream direct delivery He gave Lopez. While A-Rod also accompanied by his girlfriend walked the red carpet several times, and this attracted the brightest star posed for the perfect couple. From the stadium to the show, the two were inseparable, plus sweet look even let others forget They have not yet engaged.

But Rodriguez can not forget, and now he finally settled awful event. A-Rod posted on a personal Twitter account a photograph: the sun sets, the edge of the beach, a man’s hand holding a woman’s hand, a huge diamond ring on the ring finger of a square. Twitter text description is very simple: “She agreed (than the heart).” We do not know the specific proposal process, but seems to know the price While not cheap diamond ring sufficient to justify Rodriguez and Lopez’s determination to grow old.

Rodriguez played for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees, 275 million 10-year contract extension he signed in 2000 with the Rangers of about 252 million, and in 2008 with the Yankees made him the first ever sports a 200 million man, and swept several years history two records ago.

Be able to sign such a large contract, because he has extraordinary natural strength, Rodriguez career total of 696 home runs, 2086 RBI, 329 stolen bases, combat measurements 0.295 / 0.380 / 0.550, up 117.8 win shares, in addition to 14-time all-star, silver Slugger Award 10 times, three MVP, these are Hall of Fame-level data. More commendable is that he is so superior strength to combat, field position or fielding shortstop and third baseman, he won 2 times Gold Glove shortstop. The main reason converted third baseman after he joined the Yankees nor the decline in the level of garrison, but to give the Yankees captain Derek – Derek Jeter face, although the latter is in fact not as fielding him.

But, behind the glossy surface, he also has a controversial side, in which a black dot is “one-stop regular season, the playoffs a worm.” Strictly speaking a little too harsh accusation, Rodriguez total of 76 playoff games total average is 0.822, although lower than the average of 0.930 in the regular season a lot, itself is still a good number. Playoffs data during 2010-2015 years after he entered a recession if excluded, his total average is staggering 0.991, showing that in October he will play. The reason has been criticized because the fans expect much of him, but he can not play well every series, when they were playing well to remember more.

Another black spot on wash away this time, Rodriguez long suspected of doping, he has been denied the allegations, was verified Union until 2013, he received the worst in history ban ticket, missed 211 regular-full race, which basically declared the end of his career. Finally, he is in the case of Yankee half forced, in 2016 season, quite reluctantly retired. He was only a thin four career 700 bombers distance, but the team really did not expect him wearing a striped shirt looking to achieve this record. Since the doping tainted with the stigma, A-Rod will most likely miss the Hall of Fame.

Came to London to visit the A-Rod represents London MLB season is a new starting point

Came to London to visit the A-Rod represents London MLB season is a new starting point

However, the identity of the players bid farewell Rodriguez again found himself sitting in the commentary, he also used its influence to promote baseball, MLB as ambassador to London series held this year. Although the experience of those right and wrong, the age is in his face in the cut, the former boy genius still love baseball, baseball can be a person’s identity continues to be active in the industry, and everyone could see he enjoyed it.

Of course, maybe these are not as Lopez gave the “yes”, before love, worth over 400 million baseball golden boy Alex – Rodriguez just a happy man to have a happy family.