Indians often welcome injuries and bad stars two bases right hand fracture season reimbursement

In the 2019 season, the Cleveland Indians can be said to be a harsh disease, and countless stars will be missed for a long time or even reimbursement. In the past three seasons, the Cleveland Indians can always break into the playoffs as the first seed of the United States, but today, the Indians have been crushed by the injury, and the number of times the next time. Eligible is still far from.

It is the so-called disaster, and there is still a two-week time in the MLB regular season.

On September 18th, Beijing time, the main two bases of the Cleveland, two all-star players Jason Tap Nis, Due to the right hand hammer fracture announced the season reimbursement. Obviously, losing Qipnis is undoubtedly an unusually heavy blow for this team, and when the Cleveland Indians hit the season, they are suffering from the sick.

Self-main force, Jose Ramirez, Ramirez, right-handed fracture, determining the regular season reimburse, the Indians’ two-bases have been hit hard, and now this team can only pray the main and guerrilla’s main force to avoid It is sick.

Previously, Qipnis was plagued by wrist injuries for a few weeks, and in the game last weekend, Qipnis was destroyed behind a swing, and left the game in the middle, and then I have not returned to the court. It is reported that the fracture injury in Ch Presia is more serious. He has to accept surgery. In this way, the 32-year-old second base will take about 6 weeks to restore health, so even if the Indians have hope In the playoffs, Qipnis is impossible to contribute to this team.

Since this season, Qipnis maintains 0.245 hits, and he has knocked out the 17-year-old homework to win 65 points. For the absence of this 悍, the Indians’ total coach Terry Francona reveals the helpless complex, and the number of generals were inverted. This is probably the meaning of the death of the Indians.

“You saw it, he did a wave of action, then there was a problem, but then, he waved let us leave, then knock out of the second base. But after that, our chief training It is not easy to call him. “Francona said.

Justice with the Indian star, Jose, Lami, and the wounded of the right hand hammer fracture, but his injury is more serious. Some time, Indians’ owner Thaler-Naquin encountered the right knee cross ligament to tear the same declaration reimbursement; in addition, the star pitcher Corey Kluber is still in the injury list. It is not possible to return to the lack of rehabilitation from the long-term leukemia treatment, while the CARLOS Carrasco will rehabilitate in the treatment of long-term leukemia.

At present, the Cleveland Indians recruited 25-year-old Andrew-Viraquiz from the 3A team of Columbus to fill the airlines in the seconder position.