In the final round of the final, the shuffle will find what work has been found.

The annual regular season ends, NFL will always be surprised, and the news from the classes in this time and each coach participates in the interview news. The playoffs is in full swing, and the team has been over the team, and the horse does not stop the work. Let’s take a look at these teams to find the progress of the coach, and the interview status of the coaches:

Viking people hiren, Kuboyk is an offensive consultant

According to reports, Minnesota Weijin will hire the inhabit-Kuboyk for the offensive consultant, Kubiak’s son Clint Kabiake will serve as a four-point guard, with Kubik partner for more than 20 years. Brian – Paraiani served as a close-end coach, Kevin Stranski continued to stay off the offensive group coach. Kubiak has recently left the wild horses. When the wild horses hired a front Bear defensive group coach Wik Victor, Kuboy leaving the team because of the idea of ??coaching, and determined that it would not become Fanji. One member of the Olympic team.

Kuboy has served as head coach in the wild horse. At that time, he led the wild horse to win the 50th super bowl. In addition, he also won three super bowls, a veritable champion head with the identity of the assistant coach. After Kuboyk took two seasons in the wild horse, the Cuba resigned in January 2017, but still acts as a consultant role in the team. In recent years, people are concerned about the body of Kubiak. He has been taken away by the ambulance after a competition. Slight stroke.

Packaging worker Appointment Niel – Hukte for offensive group coach

The coach of the packaging work is only used for one week, only one week, the two most important assistant coaches, his first thing after going to hire Mike Pet Ting for the defensive group coach, second The thing is to take the former Jacksonville American Tiger offensive group to coach Nenier Hacte to the package. According to reports, the packaging workers have been consistent with Huckte. Huckte is deeply affiliated with the West Coast, which is the son of the front Pittsburgh University coach Paul-Hacte, and Paul Hact is the starting point of the package career coach Mike McCati Old Hacket and Bill Walsh pioneered the early West Coast Attacking System in San Francisco, and now Lavler’s West Coast system is a kind of Mike Salunan.

The so-called tiger does not have no dogs, Xiao Hact has been engaged in the west coast of the old man from small, and then served as a coach at the university. This year’s 39-year-old Huckte is equipped with a limited number of people with a limited number of people in the 2017 season. But in November last year, Huckte was dismissed by management, because the Jaguar was divided into the fourth countdown. Hukte is one of the two alternative offensive coaches in Ravler. Another former pirate team offensive coach Todd Monday has been hanked in Cleveland. Interesting is that Ravler has also wanted to pull his own brother Mike Ruffle to serve as an offensive group coach, but it was dismissed by the management, and even the chance of the interview did not give it. The team did not usually engage in skirt.

Broncos hired Ed – Dona defense group Ter as coach

According to reports, former Chicago Bears defensive backs coach Maradona Thiel will join the Denver Broncos, as the defense team coach. Dona Gentile to the new Broncos coach Vic – Fangio, that is, his former defensive coach group reunited in Denver. They had in the 2015-2018 season, the Bears partner, was also in the 2011-2014 season, the San Francisco 49ers Jim – working with the Hubble team coach. The 61-year-old Dona Gentile 1979 Kent State University opened in his coaching career in 1990 at the New York Jets into the league as a defensive backs coach, also after the Packers and Atlanta Falcons coach had been a defensive group.

If the Bears defense this season, results can be transferred to the 2019 season, the Broncos body, then the Broncos will undoubtedly succeed in the next year. Bears this year, allowing opponents to score on a ranking less (17.7 points), manufacture of converting the first ball (36), first steals (27). Like Chicago, as the Broncos have a lot of good defensive players, von – Miller and Bradley – Chubu scored a total of 26.5 times in 2018 sack, three-time Pro Bowl cornerback Chris – Harris also will return.

Jets hired Greg – Greg Williams as defensive group coach

According to sources, the New York Jets and former Cleveland Browns head coach and defensive proxy group coach Greg – basic contract negotiated Williams, Williams is about to set as a defensive coach coaching the Jets. Adam Williams is a coach – coaching staff after taking office the first sign of Gass, reported that Williams began to find their own time at home, the Jets took aim at him.

Gass partner Williams scenes should be interesting, because they have never worked together before, and their personalities are very stubborn. “I spend time with our quarterbacks to be together.” Gass said:. “No matter who coached the defensive group, I believe we have chosen not bad people,” Williams’ arrival could mean the Jets defense group will carry out a drastic reform, since 2006, the team has been using a 3-4 defensive system, while Williams like 4-3 defensive formation, with ferocious raid known. This season, the Jets defense group games are missing fourth-highest yardage Union, the annual release of 441 points is the second highest in team history.

– Jim Caldwell will join the Dolphins coaching staff

Although dolphins can not be officially hired Brian Patriots – Flores as the next head coach, but that does not mean that Flores can not now set up their own coaching team. Including NFL reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport, including a number of media reports, former Colts and Lions head coach – Jim Caldwell will become the new offensive team coach dolphin, this is just speculation, Caldwell would specifically What is the role also Shangdai Guan declared.

Caldwell’s NFL coaching career achieved 62 wins, 50 losses, has led the Colts reached the Super Bowl. Caldwell also served as offensive group coaching experience, the 2012 Super Bowl, he served as coach at Baltimore Ravens offensive group. Now Flores will coach the Dolphins in the season basic hammer reality, this is his first as head coach Flores, if he can find one like Caldwell such experienced people as a partner, he is very helpful .

Jaguars offensive group interview coach – Mike McCoy

Season is over two and a half, the Jaguars have not yet determined offensive team coach next season. According to ESPN reporter it reported that, in fact, the team is in full swing selection of new offensive coach. Recently, the former Arizona Cardinals offensive team coach – Mike McCoy into their field of vision. Cardinals coach last season, period, because of injuries and rookie quarterback Josh striker – Rosen poor performance, resulting in McCoy was fired in October. Before that, he played for the Denver Broncos, but the Broncos 2017 season because of poor offensive cut him, McCoy last two seasons have been cut club.

Look at McCoy’s coaching resume, you will find in the 2013-2016 season, he had served as San Diego Chargers coach, but this coach is not happy, Lightning team scored just once in three years playoffs. It is reported that McCoy was fourth in the interview Jaguars offensive team coach, I believe they will make a decision in the near future. But for Jaguar, the future is very likely to give up with a rookie quarterback Bor Waters, so hiring McCoy may not be a wise choice.

Cardinals offensive group interview coach Jim – Bob – Kurt

Arizona Cardinals new head coach Cliff – Ginsberg being interviewed former Detroit Lions offensive team coach Jim – Bob – Kut, to make up for their vacant offensive coaching duties. The first step is the introduction of Cardinals reconstruction Ginsberg, his tactical air strikes, at the University of coaching experience and the skill of tuning the young quarterback will help Josh – Rosen growth. And quarterback Kurt also has experience of cooperation, he had served two seasons Lions quarterback coach in the past four years has been in the position of coach on the offensive group. But under the leadership of Kurt’s offensive yardage lion never entered the top ten of the league, the best score is ranked thirteenth in the 2017 season, scoring seventh place, this is his career, the most brilliant year .

New York Jets: Coach Adam – defense group coach Greg Gass – Williams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Coach Bruce – Arians defense team coach Todd – Bowers

Denver Broncos: Coach Vic – Fangio defense team coach Ed – Dona Theil

Cleveland Browns: Coach Freddie – based Adams City

Atlanta Falcons: offensive team coach Dirk – Cottle

Arizona Cardinals: Coach Chris – Ginsberg defense team coach Vance – Joseph

Green Bay Packers: Coach Matt – La Fule offensive team coach Nathaniel – Hackett

Baltimore Ravens: offensive team coach Greg – Roman

Chicago Bears: Defense group coach Chuck – Pagano

Minnesota Vikings: offensive coach Kevin group – Stefanski offensive consultant – Gary Kubiak

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