Imitate "Shaolin Football", Chen Xiang’s six-point big movie "folk master" to create a kung fu ping pong!

Zhou Xingchi’s “Shaolin Football” undoubtedly be an alternative to the Years of Comedys.

Combine the Kung Fu with the football, plus the comedy style without a pole, so that the film is successful.

After two decades, Chen Xiang’s six-half team imitated “Shaolin Football” to create a big movie belonging to her own film, “Chen Xiang’s folk master”.

In this film, Kungfu is combined with table tennis, which also tells the stabilic acid story of small characters.

But compared to “Shaolin Football”, maybe “folk master” is not only the spirit of physical education, but also penetrates the feelings of the inner depth of the heart in different character relationships.

Whether it is Yang Guoqiang, Yang Shuangxi’s grand grandson, or a strong and girlfriend, the text principal and son, and satisfied, because they ended up because of table tennis, but because of the unlmination of fate, they gathered for a good life.

Perhaps, only Yang Guoqiang, the text principal is a real ping-pong master, and satisfaction is under training, it has become a master, double happiness, and the stream is obviously the door.

But there is no exception, in order to win, for life, it is fighting.

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For Yang Guoqiang and Double Happiness, they said that they have achieved each other.

From 30 years ago, grandfather for Suner, by thirty years, Suner made a sacrifice to sacrifice oneself in silently for grandfather.

Grandpa gave up the championship in order to give up the championship, Suner did not hesitate to hold a fake match and sell real estate.

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The relationship between this family is present, showing the most complete emotional power.

For the strong and girlfriend, they are forced to be in realities as those who are about Ten Tharao.

It is strong with your own dreams, not willing to distress the real life, so I want to give up my love, but no matter when, my girlfriend has never given away.Kits Football Kits

Of course, in order to dignity, the strengthening is strong.

But finally, I haven’t known what is the most precious. Of course, my girlfriend has never given up, I have been waiting, and finally they still come together.

This relationship between the couple, let us see a pair of pairs of struggling to cruel realistic edges.

But the power of love, far exceeds embarrassed reality, unbearable life.

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Between the principal and the son, it was initially alienated because of each other.

As a member of the educator, I feel annoyed to the failure of my son’s education, and my son is not working hard. It is ignorant, and the huge debt is owed. In the end, all of this will slowly pay back.

In order to return the debt, the Wen President has also joined the ping-pong competition. In the competition, the challenge of self-challenge, let his son have experienced the hard work, and finally resolve the grievances, father and son relationships.

The father and son of the text principal and the home of the son must be selfless, but it is even more great.

Double happiness, satisfaction, strong, they staged a brother, and also wins the brothers’ betrayal.

Especially in the sake of self-contained, he will report the double wish to leave a holiday, but he will get the documents, but it will be sent to the prison.

Of course, after reflection, the final brothers are also a reconciliation, and completed the final play game.

This is the case between the brothers, always fighting between individuals and brothers, some people sacrifice the brothers and exchange for personal interests, and some people sacrifice their personal interests for their brothers.

But in “folk masters”, every scene is staged, but it is finally a brother to defeat personal interests.

Through this film, on the one hand, there is a folk master in table tennis, a game, full of comedy, and people sighful.

On the other hand, I passed my affection, love, brotherhood, and transferring the people of the people, family, and cherishing the people.

“Folk master” and “Shaolin Football” have a gap, although it is “Shaolin Football”, but there is a style, through small table tennis, there is a portrait of small people, there is family, love, brothers Expression of love, through a table tennis tour, everyone found the meaning of their lives, the value of life!

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