Humanism | Pedton II: Intravanus Defense for the DNA to keep the opponent away from offensive comfort

That is 15 years ago, but it seems to be yesterday. New York’s afternoon has begun to be cold, he wraps a coat, ready to leave training, but think of this, he laughs.

That is the day of the Miami fan worth celebrating. The afternoon of June is bright, and the hot fire is in the finals of the finals. 4-2 defeated the opponent, and won the NBA champion. The hot team celebrates in the street. His Famous Hall of Father Pedton is the team’s substitute control, and the first one is also the only champion. So I at the age of 13, I experienced the joy of the championship after my father.

The entire capturr has no way to Wade, but Xiao Pen did not retreat, but it was inspired.Wade’s performance in the finals is unmanned, his mental appearance is very good, he has the most intimate interaction with fans. One-to-one pick, he invited anyone to defend him. Little Perton as the son of Pedon, has also been pulled to the scene. He hopes to get Wade’s recognition, he stood in front of the finals MVP, so that he is defensive.

“I was still very small, but I still remember, I wanted to say, ‘I am here, I am ready.’ But this is Wade, he can certainly score on me, but I am at least When I came down, I know I can do it. “Xiaodon said.

Pedon smoked basketball in the 1990s, he is addicted to his father and McMill to defend the opponent’s defenderWhen Pedon is still studying, he often is happy to jump because of his own strong defense. Such a mentality is still in the blood of Pedon. . He knows when he is very small. If you want to get the ball, you must grab it from each other. In high school, he was deeply attracted by Kobe’s defensive ability, because Kobe can always drive wonderful attacks. At the university, he became a little fascist in Tony Allen and Bradley.

The age of defensive eating is deeply printed in his brain. He feels that the game should be this. The defensive instinct can engrave in his DNA. If you look at his game carefully, you can find this nature. He likes to fight against the opponent. He is always in front of the other party, leaving only a space that allows the opponent to make mistakes, but let the opponent uncomfortable. And he knows that when the main holder is doing something, his defense can always play the effect.

“When the opponent saw me, they always call his teammates to come to the ball. You don’t want to hold the ball? My purpose is reached. When the opponent generates’ I don’t want to play the ball in front of this guy, I don’t want to try After the guy. “When I thought, my job was completed.” Pedon said, he explained his defensive strategy before the Warriors.

Pedon’s defensive strength implemented the audience. Every time he started to guard against the bottom of the ball, he was determined to wrap around the opponent’s controller. This is also a consistent style of his defensive strategy, and he also likes to use his own defense to face the best player. When defense, single-defense is often more likely to cause the other party’s mistake in the back of the other party.

He will not deliberately delay the opposition of the opponent, he just tries to make your opponent feel tired.Pelton has absolute confidence in single-defense, and he will not say garbage, and his father’s part of the skill does not inherit. But Pelton’s defensive way to hold the ball has become his signboard, and the following is his view of defense.

When you take the ball again, your physical strength is consumed by me, you don’t want to hold the ball.“The Alliance has stipulated that you can’t touch the player, so I will not give them a physical contact. It is as simple as you see, many players don’t like to be encountered. This no one can limit them, no one is posted on them. In front of them, what do they want to do, but I will never make the opponent to break through me, you either stand from one direction, or give the ball to teammates, don’t want to pick up the ball again. ” Pedton said.

Three goals paid the ball in the face of Pelton, Harden is the same. Pedton said that it is actually a fact, but he is also transmitting a philosophical thinking. He has been 28 years old. 91 career competitions also made him a little name, but he is the successor in the past era, and that era is more balanced, the importance of defense is not on attack.

In this legal union, it is a good news for players who are good at defensive.This season, NBA made the defensive reform value by restricting the rules of the offensive player. The alliance informed the referee, no rewards, the non-basketball movements on the court,

But Pelton hopes that his defensive can become a weapon of the Warriors, and his defensive skills are also required on the road of warriors. After winning the season, the Warriors rely on Clay as a defensive talents to restrict their opponents. Due to the absence of Clay, and the Warriors made up for the attack through the free player market, so they were questioned before the start of the season – Can the team face the outstanding team?

Now, they have defensive experts Pedon, and his value is already very obvious. He has a steal in 11 consecutive games, and 6 of them have repeatedly steal. He stepped 20 times in the season in the NBA, second, second only to Car Luo. The hit rate of opponents in Pedon defensive is 35%, ranking # 11 in the backup defender (at least 10 games). According to NBA’s data statistics, Pelton ranked third with 37 interference in the Warriors. Only the library (42 times) and Green (38 times) Beaton, but the two play times is twice as much as Pedon. Just like in the rugby game, the forward strike is very valuable, because the quarter-saving is very important, in basketball, the outer line defenders are valuable, because there are many defenders that can score in the alliance.

There is such a super superstar opposite? You must have the ability
to stop those guys, let them not pass, then at the offensive end, let this worth $ 200 million guys do what he should do.
“Come over these years, the league has become a show of No. 30,” Pedon said, he refers to the library. “Everyone wants to shoot like the library. Every team wants countless shooters, shooters can help them pull space. But what should I do when the opponent attacks your shooter?”

Two old people will help Pedon and guide him in the right position. They can give him a correct defense for him.In the Warriors, they have Green and Igodala with Penon. And provide a restriction opponent’s intelligence. They are well connected to the judgment of the defensive position, disturb the other party’s offensive line and let the other offensive players caught in the traps they set, Pedton received the true biography of the two masters.

This is hesitant to face our defense, and it will be very difficult at least when making a choice.“This is in the right position, not only for yourself, but also for your teammates, do the right choice.” Pedon said, “Dream know how to make yourself in a opponent will not take action. The location, because they know that the dream will make things, so I tried to let myself and teammates are also in that,. “

When the big list is still there, the team decided to increase some external defense.Pedon lacks outside shot capabilities, but this does not stop him from occupying a place on this year’s list.Pedton has always feel that he is very valuable in the offensive end of the offensive, especially considering the defense he will bring. But until the Warriors signed him this year, the situation has improved. The Warriors added a lot of firepower in the lineup. . But he knows if he can play in the field depends on his outside hand.

Before Penon joined the Warriors, he three-pointed 21 (25.6%). But since then, his shooting looks more potential. He cast a three-third of the season, and then returned to the average, and there was 9 lost in the next 10 shots. But he recently rebounded that in the past two games, in the past two games, it includes 3 points three points to privilege your career in the competition of Detroit. Before the game of 76 people, he was 19 in 19 in three-point lines, with a hit rate of 47.4%. It is more important to the offense of the Warriors. It is half-hoped in his bottom corner.

If my bottom corner can continue to keep the mid rate, then I will become a big trouble on the court.“I have to be confidently shot, then put the ball into the basket. All things I do, including the cockroach and anything else, I can still let me play a role at the offensive end .. If I can stay in the rest of the season I have achieved 40% or 45% of the hit rate, I think this is quite good. “Pedon said.

As long as Pelton can hit three points, Cole will stay on the court, the longer he played, and he has more time to grind his own defense, and continue to communicate his career in the outside world. As long as Pelton is on the court, he will follow his opponent, no matter where you have been in the opponent, let your opponent feel extremely uncomfortable, let his opponents don’t want to hold the ball, and even the ball will not be easy.

Every player has made the other party very comfortable, and I want the opponent to stay away from their comfort.“This is the way I defensive. I have been working in this line for a long time. How do you watch the players of the Alliance how to limit everyone,” Pedon said.

Author: Marcus – Thompson II (THE Athletic reporter)

Compilation: Fontaine