How is the Tamum shooting in this season? The data directly chasing Ephson, the 67 years, 67 years

This season, the Celtics core Tutum shooting efficiency has dropped to the lowest level, and his overall shooting level is only 39.5%, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is 31.6%, but the shot is increasing.

Tutum also created a very rare, but at the same time, it was also a history of history, that is, since 1954, the sixth field is more than 20 times, but the hit rate is less than 40%.

Before he, only five players have played such efficiency, which are Philu-Sha Yes, Michael-Adams, Allen Ephsen, Antau Wan – Walker and Barang – Davis.

In this way, it becomes a sixth person in history, and it is a bit awkward. Tutum has never played the performance of more than 40% of the past career. This season is really confused. Many fans think that his data is no longer a deadly score tower. Mi, which became the former Celtics control.

The Celtics head coach Yuska also helplessly said that because there is no feeling, Tutum can only change the play, create opportunities, as long as he can play in the right way, you can bring contributions to the team .

It is worth mentioning that Tamum has infected new crown. After healing, he once need to use an
oxygen inhaler before the game, and I don’t know if the previous disease has an impact on his physical condition.