Hongyuan 24-shot defeated the first steel, Su Qun revealed Du Feng 4 battle 2 negative largest short board, 4 consecutive championships or already expected

On November 6th, Beijing time, according to domestic media reports, Lipi publicly states in the process of receiving media interviews.Now it seems to be returned to 20 years ago, everything is Mbappé Jersey shrunk, including the annual salary, and no more great Brazil players will come.However, such remarks immediately have been spitted by the fans and media people, because Chinese football really returned to 20 years ago, maybe we really have a chance to rush out of Asia to go to the world, after all 20 years ago, Chinese football belongs to Asia. First-class level, dreaming of the World Cup.

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The Lipper’s statement is enough to see a little loudly, after all, China’s football is really a lot of difficulties in this large environment, and many clubs have also ushered in an unprecedented crisis, including national character teams. The level score is also very poor, or the Libe is going to post this remark at this time. In order to explain the back of the Chinese football, in order to prove that the golden dollar era of the golden yuan in the time of the Chinese coach, it is the most prosperous period. This is said.

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But maybe Riboi does not know that his own remarks, while pulling down his own grade, let everyone feel that he is a so-called world-sailler who does not understand Chinese football, what is the level of Chinese football 20 years ago? Asian first-class, although Chinese football has not been so rich in the past few years, so prosperous, but the competitiveness of Chinese football is very popular throughout the Asian, but recently, it seems that China Football Club is very large. The reputation is very sound, but the national grade team grades a mess.

In fact, the Golden Dynasty Football Age, the achievement is not Chinese football, but a group of foreign teachers and foreign aids like Liberal, who wants to come to Chinese football, now there seems to be implied in the future, there will be so many excellent foreign aids in the future. Come to Zhongchao kick, but you have to know that these foreign aids come to China, and Chinese football has not improved. What is the use of these foreign aid? Isn’t it more suitable for Chinese football development trajectories? Is there a luxurious Chinese football again to come to the mountain?

The former Italian is undoubtedly this remark is a bit of his own grade. As the head of the Chinese men’s football team, even the Chinese football is 20 years, I don’t know, just say this. It is really disappointing, more letting everyone argue that there is a coach that Lipp is to make money, the help of Chinese football is not big, so the Chinese football is difficult, but no longer sagins Please ask foreign teachers to be the right idea, you can also let the foreign teachers and foreign aids who have a lot of money with Liki, and please feel good.

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