Heavy weight! After returning to the NBA field, Wilson Wilsheng launched sportswear

Text / Liu Jintao

Editor / Guo Yang

The NBA 2021-22 season just opened, not only the 75th anniversary of NBA, but also the new beginning of the NBA stadium with official use of ball identity.

One of the leaders of the International Sports Equipment Manufacturing industry, the 100-year sports brand Wilson was founded in Chicago, USA in 1914, which is widely known as the official use of the official use of the NBA creation. Today, after returning to the NBA Square, Wilson also promoted the brand’s expansion in the world – May this year, Wilson officially launched the performance-based sports life costume series Wilson Sportswear, constantly promoting the motion concept to more people’s life Go in.

Wilson, “Live Like An Athlete” philosophy, now aiming to sportswear, but also continuously focus on the Chinese market, in China’s sports atmosphere, growing in a continuous rise in hot soil .


Professional, young groups and trends,

Wilson deep tillage China market

Over the years, Wilson has left a very deep impression on sports enthusiasts, and also opened the segment of basketball and even more sports, https://www.nbatrikots4.com and became a lot of consumers in sports.

On this basis, Wilson launched a new route for brand expansion in the global and Chinese market. In July this year, Wilson opened the world’s first retail store in Chicago, served in the world’s first retail store, 2247 square feet of oversized shopping space loops in brand historical assets. During the US Tennis Open, the Wilson Blue History Museum landed in New York. Subsequently, Wilson SportsWear was stationed in Sanlitun, Beijing, Sanlitun, and Wuhan International Square, which was consistent with Wilson’s global walk.

Chicago / New York / Beijing / Wuhan store (sliding left and right)

As an important foothold of Direct to Consumer, the store is undoubtedly a key scene of providing experience, service and consumer interaction. Wilson kept capturing https://www.maillotbasket6.com the market trend of the current era and made precise judgments. Wilson offline retail stores, so that more sports enthusiasts can be immersed in the world of sports.

In the Chinese market in which Digital consumption is in full swing, Wilson also explores more digital playing, which not only enters the Tmall and Jingdong flagship store, but also opened up the main position of the small program, continuously moving towards the new era of digitization.

The way to connect to the consumer is not only here. Wilson moves in the brand linkage, which is previously launched with Kith, Supreme, BAPE, and LV a wide range of brands. In cooperation with fashion leadership, Wilson constantly looks for new possibilities, exploring the methodology of making sports more Cool.

It is worth mentioning that in September this year, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com when the GM 321, Wilson joined in the New York street tidal KITH to launch a milestone cooperation. The joint products of both parties cover clothing, accessories, and tennis sports equipment, meet the movement of multi-scenes such as consumer fields, the offline.

Wilson and Kith joint product

KIITH name Ronnie Fieg said, “From the small New York queen area, the summer will always enter the climax with the US tennis open game. When there is a chance to cooperate with Wilson brand, I firmly believe that I must reach this cooperation, because All parties love tennis sports.

As a popular tidal card, Kith has a large number of fans in China. It has never sold products in the official platform in China. Consumers can only increase prices in the KITH official website or in second-hand trading platform. After the joint name with Wilson, Kith first sells the product through the Wilson official platform. It is more worth mentioning that the price of this joint product maintains China and the United States, which also proves that Wilson’s brand recognition in the trend field, and sincere attitude towards domestic market and consumers.

Wilson and Kith joint product

It can be said that whether it is Wilson to open the store, digital exploration, or trying more brands, it reflects Wilson to expand the brand influence, find a clear strategy of more level target people. Especially when the trend culture is in power, such a set of combinations is expected to help Wilson clasped the young generations of consumers and provide more boosting for their clothing series brand expansion.


Centennial Wilson,

Professional and inheritance and expansion new track

When NBA announced in May this year, Wilson became an official contest with the American Women’s Professional Basketball Association (WNBA), NBA G League, NBA 2K League and African Basketball League (BAL). In addition, Wilson is also a Fiba 3×3 global game with a ball, NCAA basketball league, European Basketball Champion League Official Competition. Harvest from the world’s top professional events, undoubtedly recognized Wilson professional movement and scientific research and development strength.

After 38 years, Wilson once again became the official use of the NBA

In the story of Wilson and basketball, there is a broad product line, including tennis, basketball, American football, baseball, volleyball, Many sports areas such as football, golf, etc. have Wilson pioneering and innovative figure.