He has repeated Inter Milan to overcome Sharif: The game is present, I can replace Handa guard.

Live doordarshan national channel Bar November 4th, the Champions League Group’s 4th round of competition, the country’s score of 3-1 in the road, and the points rose to the second. For the muzaffarpur doordarshan manofue performance of the country, the team has published his own views.

In an interview with the Inter-Inter-Inter Wead, he added: “This game presented today’s hindu newspaper in english the situation, there is no wave of competition. In my opinion, this is not a tight competition. No matter how Handa Novich has several times Ball, in the evening of the game, I can hang in the country. ”

“The feeling of this game is that Gu meters will get the ball, and the goals will eventually arrive. This is a very good thing. The last a few minutes, Sheriff has some offensive. Little news feed today Because Zaji is happy, although The team has experienced long distances, but they did not waste much energy. ”

About the manifestation of Brozovic, Inter aaj newspaper hindi Middle, Zeng said: “Brozovic is the most strange player of Inter Milan. He seems to not sound, but it often can appear in a suitable location.”