Harvey’s first sign? 21-year-old genius is a first target, you want to pay for a liquidated damure to repurchase:Indian news

After Harvey became the new coach of Barcelona, ??Harvey also had an intrinsic goal, the disclosure of the famous authority “Record” said that Harvey has clearly telling the team’s Mbappé Jersey high-rise, for the upcoming winter window Aid hopes to introduce Trin Kang, and even paying it back to the Barcelona team. In the 2020, the winter transfer period Trin Kang brought Barcelona, ??but it officially became a “Red Blue Legion” after half a season.

At the first season, I played 42 games on behalf of Barcelona, ??although there were also highlights of the goal, but the overall look was not good, and the coach Camoman’s Trin Kang did not reuse. Only the team started 10 games throughout the season, most of the time will play with a replacement, or even some of the unrelated competitions debut, so Turkang seeks to leave the team and seek ways to leave the team after the end of the season. To get more Kits Football Kits appearance time prove yourself.

After this year, the wolf coach is replaced by Bruno, the first ancillary will put the goal in Trin Kang, and finally join the team after negotiation with Barcelona, ??if you want to be your sign permanently Under the expiration of the rental contract, it is 30 million euros. After the joining the Wolf, Turkang’s situation was greatly improved, and he also received the coach and the team’s high trust and values, and only 21-year-old age has a huge potential to explore.

After joining the Wolf, I didn’t have the team to participate in the complete summer training, so Soccer Jersey Discount there were some struggles in the early Tortlin Kang in the season, but as the performance of the seasons has improved significantly. The season has come to 11 games on behalf of the team, although there is no goal to only send 1 assists, but it can contribute to a total of 3.2 times, and averaging a critical pass, especially the threat to the offensive end is definitely a team. The largest.

Such excellent performance nature also gave other coach appreciation, and Harvey returned to Barcelona wanted to re-cut it back. Since become the coach of the team, Harvey is prejudice to 433 or 343 in the formula, and the use of the peak player is extremely valued. Therefore, for Trinkang with excellent speed and excellent Football Shirts Wholesale breakthrough ability, it is obviously that he is the best wandering candidate in the mind, and this is the main reason why he will set it out Lionel messi Jersey of the number one.

Although Harvey is trying to sign back this old, I am afraid that I will not let go for the Wolf, after all, Turkang has a very important position in the current team, and even says that it is currently in the current team. Indispensable absolute main force. If Barcelona wants to sign back during the winter transfer, it is essential, and this money may be a bit difficult for the current Barcelona overall situation. But for Barows who wants to reunite, how can the strength of the team will be strengthened?