Harman: Don’t think that the Atheri will go to Bayern, Dort’s football is more suitable for him.

Live Bar October 17th, when he was a prime sports in the sky, Harman talked about the German football front line Nova Ademi, he thought that this striker would not transfer to Bayern, compared to Dostmond is Suitable choice.

Harman: “On the question of Adee rice, Dort has a huge ace. Wo it is in winter or a summer window, if someone asks me, I will say that he will not go to Bayern. He will have more opportunities to develop. His speed is as fast as an arrow, and Dortmund’s football is more suitable for him than Bayern. ”

Harman believes that few top 10 news of the week in india clubs can provide a stage dd sports today program schedule list as many of the players, while Halland is the latest example. Harman believes that there is a better opportunity: “Adymy can also see the situation of Dengbelei, see how Sang Jo is doing. They came to Dortmund, grow from the genius teenager as a world-class player.”

In Harman, although the 19-year-old Adymi may also come to Bayern, take a year after La Wan’s body, and only get a small number of appearances, but Harman is also straightforward: “If La Wan is Continue continuous goals in the next two or three years, then Adymi is impossible to come to Bayern, and do not participate in the game. ”

Harman revealed that Adymy’s parents had a lot of sayings for their future, and their entire team thinks more of the next step in the player’s career in Dortmund. Harman: “If the Adeemi wants to hindi samachar paper play, we can’t stay podhigai tv live youtube today in Hallant, so many current india news today specials must be a matter of worship.”

The German media said that Adymy’s broker came into contact with Bayern, Dort and other Gerber teams, the player’s transfer fee will be between 30 million Europe – 40 million.


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