Guzhang County launched a county party committee theory learning center group (expanded) collective learning

On July 8, after six game days, 51 tensions, Huaihua Municipal Education Bureau, Cultural Tourism Radio, Television Bureau hosted, Huaihua Industrial Secondary School, Huaihua City, Huaihua City, Waihua Middle School, 2021 The junior high school student basketball game ended successfully in the Lake Tian Middle School.

The championship battle scene.

The men’s group of Yulu County team won the champion, the Hecheng District team, and the Xintang County team have divided the runner-up, the quarter, the Mayang County team, Jingzhou County team, Tongxia County team, Wuling Middle School team, China The county team broke the 4th to 8th, and six representatives of 江 县, the club, Hongyu Middle School, and Experimental Middle School were awarded the sports morality. The women’s group Hecheng District team won the champion, Mayang County representative, and the Yipu County team broke the runner-up, the quarter, Hongyu Middle School team, and the county team broke the 4th, 5th, and the Zhujiang County team was obtained. Sports Moral Fashion Award. 27 teachers such as Tian Ji Ming were awarded the title of “excellent trainer”, Jiang Road and other 10 referees.

The competition is wonderful, and the teams fully demonstrate the team collaboration in the competition, cultivating the spirit and collective consciousness of young people, daring to fight hard, let the contestants feel that youth passion is released in the game, in the fierce competition Feel the fun of attack victory. Through this competition, establish a healthy first education concept, help students enjoy fun in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and personality, let students develop, and strive to be healthy and upward socialism.

2021 Huaihua City Junior High School Basketball Competition Winners

First, the men’s group:

First place: 溆 溆 县 代队

Second place: Hecheng District team

Third place: Xinhuang County Team

Fourth: Mayang County Team

Fifth place: Jingzhou County Team

Sixth: Tongxia County Team

Seventh place: Huaihua Wuling Middle School Team

Eighth place: China County Team

Second, women’s group:

First place: Hecheng District Delegation

Second place: Mayang County Team

Third place: 溆 溆 县 代队

Fourth place: Huaihua Hongyu Middle School Team

Fifth place: will be with the county team

Third, the sports morality “

The Zhujiang County team, the meeting with the county team, the Municipal Hongyu Middle School team, the city experimental middle school team, the city of Yali School, Huaihua Railway Second Middle School team.

Fourth, excellent trainer:

Ji Ming (溆 溆 县) Huang Xi (溆 溆 县) Zeng Lijuan (Hecheng District)

Song Tiezhen (Hecheng District) Wu Jun (Xinhuang County) Guo Tingli (Xinhuang County)

Yanbin (Jingzhou County) Lu Bin (Mayang County) Teng Mingyou (Mayang County)

Huang Likun (Jingzhou County) Yang Beijun (Tongxia County) Shu Chao (Wuling Middle School)

Liu Anlin (Chinese county) Du Zengwen (Chinese county) Zhang Jun (Wuling Middle School)

Luo Qiong (Hecheng District) Xiao Longzhen (Hecheng District) Mo Guoqiang (Jingzhou County)

Ding Yama (Jingzhou County) Lu Bin (Mayang County) Teng Mingyou (Mayang County)

Wang Zongsheng (溆 溆 县) Tao Wensio (Yucu County) to the Emperor (Hongyu Middle School)

Jinsa (Hongyu Middle School) Yang Dingguo (Tongxian County) Deng Liping (will be in the county)

V. Excellent referee:

Road Xia Zijian Pu Academic Gong Lu Wang Guangyi Yang Sheng

To Dongfa Zhong Chuang Cai Fengwei Wu Zhao Pen

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