Guangxi CBA basketball people waiting to open the door again

Pressure comes from within. In addition to the players need to come out from the “shadow”, the 33-year-old young coach Yang Qin also needs to prove himself on the bench. . “Last year we were the first regular season, ranked only third this year, but in the face of adversity you cohesion but stronger, we rely on to fight, just fight to win the match,” Yang Qin said: “Basketball is a team sport, the event difficulties to be able to pull together, this is the key to victory. “Chen Jinlong, said Yang Qin put everything taking on their shoulders, the players look so much pressure on him, he would also like to share.

2 player in the rise of a new generation of Guangxi

Known as the “Guest of light” Pangzheng Lin, is a new generation of Chinese basketball circles, “Guangxi manufacturing.” Before the age of 11 he was practicing badminton, basketball back onto the road, step by step from Heshan City Sports School, Sports School to Guangxi Laibin sports team, Levitra youth team, and ultimately among the senior team’s starting lineup. Semifinals poise, broad SIEI exactly Pangzheng Lin Zhuang rely on a game-high 24 points, and Wuzhou Tsai Hao Ye’s 20 points and eight rebounds. Finals field, Pangzheng Lin and played 40 minutes, scored the second highest team 20 points. Some people think that he can compete with teammate Jiang Kai a Finals MVP.

For the younger generation, Chen Jinlong hesitate to praise, “Pangzheng Lin play special spirit, he is fully equipped with the ability to play high-level league. He’s young, and I believe a few years will be even better.”

Yang Qin also said: “Pangzheng Lin, Ye Hao in the team have played a key role, both players peacetime training very hard, their pay is definitely rewarding.”

1.83 m height Pangzheng Lin, the NBA star idol Ross. “Played three years NBL, every year in the summary is insufficient, only trained hard to make up for height defect.” Pangzheng Lin said things they want to learn a lot, “Shorty guard to be versatile, to get after the first championship, I need a lot of effort. “

At the celebration dinner, the older generation of players Pangzheng Lin Wang Yong and Guangxi, who left a meaningful photo, which is two generations of local champions in the same box. In Guangxi, no professional basketball team in the past, “Pangzheng Lin” who want to speak out but to leave home, like Zhu Fangyu, Wang Yong and other predecessors expatriate lifestyle. Today, the talented teenager living on campus will be able to get “scouts” of concern, a professional basketball team in Guangxi retained throughout the region’s “spark.”

3 to enter the CBA does not stop the pace

The returning champion, Guangxi basketball let people see hope again. They said, CBA is the same goal.

Guangxi Basketball Association Chairman Mao Fan Wei said that Guangxi basketball reached a new milestone, “I think, as long as the CBA Basketball Association opened the door, we can go in Guangxi team, and I believe we will succeed.”

Guangxi history there has never CBA team. 2013, Guang Xi Wei Zhuang basketball club was founded, opened the curtain of Guangxi professional basketball. Then NBL also has a bridge to the CBA, for two consecutive years won the
top three teams obtain eligibility. 2014, Guang Xi Wei Zhuang after winning, the team reached the number of 20 military expansion CBA no longer desire to abandon take many years access to the system, NBL had to operate independently. 2017, CBA statement the company had “no military expansion in principle within five years.” Now, five years is about to expire, The Team has quit, hovering outside the door wide Xi Wei Zhuang CBA will see a ray of hope again.

Zhuang Wei, general manager of the club, team leader Xu Chao said that since 2012 the construction team, the total investment has exceeded 300 million yuan, the beginning of the heart do not change the team, “NBL in every season, we will be in a championship as the goal, to make impact CBA prepared. we represent Guangxi, wants more local players to show Guangxi basketball style “in professional events.

Xu Chao also admitted into the CBA no schedule, just waiting for the moment, “is an important achievement standard access, we have a first-class club in line to further improve the management and operation, always ready for opening the CBA.”

Pangzheng Lin said: “I want to compete for more honors in Guangxi, hoping to help the team rushed CBA.”

Yang Qin said: “The club and the CBA compared to, I think we are ready in all aspects.”

This is a group of people looking for Guangxi basketball story self-positioning, as well as several generations of Guangxi players pursue their dreams of travel.