Guangdong Youth Football Championship (Women’s A Group) is perfect!

On September 19, after the fierce competition of 7 days, in 2021, “China Sports Lottery” Youth Football Championship (Women’s A group) ended successfully in the Zhaoqing New District Sports Center. The Shenzhen team won the second and third in the Meizhou team with excellent performance. Guangzhou team, Foshan team, Zhanjiang team, Dongguan team, Zhongshan team range fourth, times of india business page five, six, seven, eight.

This event was hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, the Guangdong Football Sports Center, the Guangdong Provincial Football Association, Zhaoqing New District Management Committee, Zhaoqing City Cultural Radio, Television Tourism Sports Bureau, Zhaoqing Football Association, Zhaoqing City Dinghu District Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Sports Bureau Support, Guangdong Sports Lottery Center, Zhaoqing Sports Development Co., Ltd., Zhaoqing Ruifeng Sports Investment Co., Ltd.

The event is on the 13th,

A total of from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Qingyuan,

Zhanjiang, Yangjiang, Dongguan, Huizhou, Meizhou,

12 teams in Zhongshan, Zhaoqing, Shaoguan participated in,

3 groups in the event,

The groups use a single cycle system.

Then the crosslinking champion.

In the google breaking news in hindi game,

The athletes are tenacious, dare to fight,

While showing the style,

It also ran out the vitality and passion of youth.

In the arms of competition,

Foshan team and Qingyuan have launched a fierce competition.

Qingyuan quickly opened the situation,

In the 22nd minute of the competition, I was kicked by Li Nan.

Before the end,

Both sides have failed to rewrite the score again.

Finally, Qingyuan is a small winning Foshan team.

In the championship battle,

Shenzhen team and Meizhou team are extremely enemies,

The game is glued, the two sides have attacked each other.

But I finally fails to break the city gate of each other.

Finally, I will enter the point.

Finally, the Shenzhen team skills win,

The Meizhou team was defeated in 4 to 3 in the penalty war.

After the game, award aaj epaper today ceremony was held.

Each award team and a personal award.

At this point,

2021 “China Sports Lottery” in Guangdong Province

Youth Football Championship (Women’s A)

Successfully came to an end.

Champion: Shenzhen team

Yarner: Meizhou team

Marching: Qingyuan

In order to ensure the safety of the event, effectively protect the health and safety of the competition, Zhaoqing City conscientiously implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures, the event established the entitled working group and the epidemic prevention and control work team, formulated the corresponding prevention and control emergency plan and safety emergency plan.

High quality assignment level and service quality,

Let athletes from all over the province, coaches

Horizontal and reception services to Zhaoqing

Give very dd national ipl live streaming high evaluation.

Next, Zhaoqing City will go all out.

Continuously optimize the level of upgrading,