Grass: Messi is the winner of the golden ball, French football has informed Messi, C Rozuo media is really

Beijing time in the early hours of the morning, exclusive news from Portuguese Media RTP Desporto: This year’s Golden Games winner is already Messi, French French magazine has informed Messi him award. Many Messi’s fans see this news, and they are rejoicing one by one. There have been rumors before, saying that Lai Wan’s anti-Maxi, became the golden game winner in the past two years. This morning, this news is just from the media of C Rozuo. Even Kits Football Kits the fans of C Rool are also sigh: the generation of double arrogance, Mero family!

Of course, the status of grapes is only news, and the Golden Globe The organizer is officially official. The 2021 Golden Lionel messi Jersey Big Awards Ceremony will be held on November 29th in Paris, France, and will announce the final winners of this year’s Golden Award. However, RTP Desporto is the Sports Department of the Portuguese Radio Station, which is the most widely column of the radio. I believe that the media said Messi has already got the Golden Games, nor is it a report.

Manchester United Jersey Because of this report of grapes, Messi began a unique collar in the Golden Globe Award. The latest odds of the Golden Globe showed that Messi led the 1.25 great advantage, Levan Second, the odds were 3.75. If only from the odd list, this year’s Golden Award is definitely the stage of Messi and La Wan, and other stars are accompanying to read. For example, the Sarah Codon, which is currently ranked, 26, while C Luo’s odds are actually 67.

In 2021, Messi did innovation, not only in Barcelona, ??the Western armor, led the team to win the King Cup, but more importantly, Messi’s attack data in Barcelona. After joining Paris, although fails to go into the game, the Champions League got 3 goals. However, fans and media believe that Messi can become “Mei Lao Seven” this year, the biggest reason is that he helped Argentina to win the championship again in 28 years, while Messi’s data on the Americas cup is also explored.

At present, Messi is hurt in Madrid, but this is only the injury of his body. Messi’s “hurt of the soul” has been cured in the Cup for the Cup – breaking the personal team championship, Messi put down, Even before this treatment, I also believe that he did not optimize hello to win the Golden Award, but he doesn’t matter, the national team champion is the most important!

I believe that with this peaceful mindset, plus the current Argentine team, 3 strength is more powerful, next year, the Qatar World Cup, Pampas Eagle has the hope of impacting the champion. If Messi can raise the Cup next year, he will be a veritable ball king, at least in parallel with Bailey and the old horse, and Messi himself may also become “Mei Lao 8”!

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