Gill is not terrible! The US media is cheering for the Warriors: Will Curry will not be allowed?

Warriors 96-104 do not end to the sun, lost the third game this season. The ball, the warrior is slightly ugly, and the attack is too much. However, it is undeniable that this is the best two teams in the Western Union, and it is also the best two teams in the entire NBA. This Saturday, the two teams will also fight again. For the Warriors who losed a game, they did not have reason to be discouraged. US media “NBC Sports” found four optimistic reasons for the Warriors.

Jordan Poole is very good

As the third grade defender, Poor proved its own score. This season, he already scored more than 30, divided, 8 times at least 20 points. In the case of poor sense of hand in Cul, Po will take over the gun of the library and serve as the task of the main attack point.

In addition to the score, Pur is equally efforts on the defensive end. In the third section of the third section, he was a three-pointer in the defensive defense of McGee, and then completed the cover in the next round, assists with the Di Papent II to complete the dunk. He showed the fans on one of his all-around.

Although Poor has 4 mistakes, the positive and negative value is -9, but he proves that he is worthy of a larger stage.

Otto Pot is getting better

With the sun’s competition, Otto Potter performance is good, 30 minutes, 11 in 11, 3, 4, contribute 16 points 6 plates 3 assists. According to statistics, Potter has contributed 12.6 points in the past five games, of which three bubbles 32 are 16. When Potter is healthy, he will be a big weapon on the warrior.


Before this game, the outside world believes that the inner line of the Sun team is more strong. In the game, Entton took the highest 24 points down next season and also grab 11 rebounds. McGi replaces 8 points, and the big striker Claude got 14 points and rebounds.

However, the Warriors did not suffer in basketball, they grabbed 51 rebounds, 16 more than the Sun team. Among them, the Warriors have 36 defensive rebounds, 27 Suns, 15 offensive rebounds, and only 8 of the Suns. The solar team has 4 points more than the Warriors.

Different are errors. All nights, the Warriors can’t control the ball, they have 22 mistakes, while the opponent is only 12 times. The Warriors finally 8 points to the Sun Team, and the Sun Team took 19 minutes by using a mistake. It’s that simple. This is the reason for the warriors.

Will Curry will not be allowed?

Curry has never played such a bad game.

In this failure, I only got 12 points in this failure, and the minimum point of the season. He is 14 shots in three-point lines 3, and the whole 21 casts 4. This is the worst shooting performance in the 20 times in the NBA career. In addition, he also contributed two assists and
three rebounds and positive and negative values.

So where is the good part?

Bridge is doing very well in the defensive library, and coach Monttimer has a smart game plan. At the same time, the Curre did got the opportunity he usually gotten, he was just involved – it sounded strange.

“He shoots,” Monti was asked in the fourth quarter to say how his solar team stopped from the Cook. “We did the greatest effort to him, but he was just shooting. We must continue to do well for him.”

Do you often miss the vacancy and layup frequently? It is definitely unlikely.

The Warriors lost three games this season, but the opponents only got 104 points, 106 points and 104 points. This shows that the warrior’s defense is not a problem, the problem is that there is no investment in the Curia. He missed the opportunity to score, and the Warriors became grass. But these problems are easily resolved, and the warriors do not have to be self-purple.

The Warriors and the Sun Team have to play two games this month – once in the upcoming Saturday and Christmas Wars. In the Western Final Preview, see how they will be very interesting in a game in a game.