Fune special single field 4-Dalun help pirate reversal Pony 28 code to smash the killing skills

Leonard-Fonte today is crazy, this Tampawan pirate running guards 4 times, helping the pirates over 38-31 to overcome Indianapolis, including him in the distance. At the end of the game, the 28 yard did not kill the kinemate. Fonte also delivered a passionate speech when he was resting in the midfield, and he stated everyone’s fighting spirit.

On the road to the playoffs this year, the pirates have lost three games, including the third week of losing to the ram, and losing to the saints and Washington. “I want to say that we have to have a dream in my heart.” Fonte said that 17 shots were pushed into 100 yards today, and 7 shots were pushed into 31 yards. “You must be willing to meet, dare to take a risk, a game to pick up a game. You must have a belief of winning, you must want to fight, every game is true.”

In the first half, it is difficult to find offensive rhythm, and the pony line satellilius Leonard, and the safety Weihan Dru-Senteho is hurt, and the piracy offensive is strictly targeted. Tom Braddy passed the Schoti Miller’s ball, and was copied by Iset, Rogers. In the defensive end, the corner wanden-Murphy-Bang Ting was defeated by Ashton – Durin, the latter got 62 yards of the ball to reach, and helped Carson – Wenz completed 3 gear 15 conversions.

Pirates originally thought that the Piking relied on the next scorpion code Wang Jonathan-Taylor drops, but in fact, Taylor was only 8 shocks. “You can feel the low emotions at the time.” Wellnet said: “And we have been playing fart and rising urine, you must have an excipuse. I just want everyone to come out, thank God, we succeeded.” It is a tailor to incentive to motivate pirate players.

“He told us to continue to fight,” Safety Wei’an Wan – Wenfield said that he had passed a ball at the end of 5 minutes and 35 seconds, and he was originally transferred to Michael Pitman.

Breddy also stood up and praised Fu Nate: “He helped very much, we played a position, this is the necessary conditions for winning. At that time, we must get the ball, there is no mistake, we are on The half is not playing, but the second half has been victory. “

Fu Nikiped four times to reach 4 times, created his career record, and flattened the history of pirates. At the moment, the pirate record is 8 wins and 3 losses, and the team has 6 games. In addition to the Saint and Bill, there is a falcon, black panther and jet. They believe that Sunday’s victory will be a turning point in the season, and they have a good game, thus ensuring the home advantage in the playoffs.