Four-year contract sign back Iglesias angel and the terminator to continue the front

Los Angeles Angel continues to invest in the hand, they have signed the Terminator Raisier with a four-year $ 58 million contract.

It is reported that the signback of Iglesias is the most important job of the Angel Take the Merner Xi’an break. They gave Iglesia to issue a qualified offer, but they were rejected. In fact, 1840,000 salary is a little a little for the terminator of Iglesias, and the angel is very strange. Iglesia refuses to be more strange. To know that the team outside the angel is signed, he is going to be punished, and the example of Craig-Gold Breil and Dallas Kaher is also visible.

It is indeed a 31-year-old Iglesia to fight. He is almost one of the most powerful endors last year. He has dropped 70.0 bureaus 65 times, got 7 wins and 5 losses, and the self-sharing rate is 2.57. 39 rescue opportunities grasp 34 times, only to be knocked out of 53 security, but it took 103 three vibrators, only 12 passes, and the excellent performance made him a twoger in the best lineup.

Although Iglesia is always open to an open attitude of the angel, Iglesia is always open, and the angel coach Joe-Madden and Minner Xi’an are also interested in bringing him back. After all, it is the most stable in the past five years. One of the terminors, there is no better choice in the free player market.

Iglesias Career 339 times won 140 rescue, the self-sharing rate is 3.06, and before this season, it has been in the red team. In fact, his greatest bright spot is to earn a long-term number. He has eight rescues above the 2021 season, which is a record in the big alliance. However, the angel lost the opportunity of competition in September, so the angel also downgraded the use of him, only let him play in the ninth game. Iglesias himself expressed his affirmation of this move of angels, which may be a crucial role in signing his angel.