Football News: Wang Shangyuan may not travel to West Asia because of the treatment of housework

Live Bar November 4th News According to “Football News” Weibo news, Henan Lushan Longmen team’s footstel on the doordarshan app source of the family may be invoked, do not follow the national football team to Siansia participated in the 12th race, but also highlights the Second Round of Longmen and Shandong Taishan, Henan Province.Cup semi-final.

In the 4th World Preliminary Tournament, the four-game preliminaries of the country, Wang Shangyuan did not get too many play opportunities.Yesterday’s two latest news in hindi news18 warm-up match, the national football team did not have the name of Wang Source.It is reported that the national football team will only take 24 or 25 players, and the national football will complete the slimming before the rediff business presentation.

The “Football News” said that Wang Shangyuan may not leave the team to West Asia, although Henan Lushan Longmen will conduct a full-foot co-competition in Taishan, Shandong Taishan, November 6, but Wang Shangyuan is hurting today’s local news in english home, so I can’t catch up with the club’s football team.competition.

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