Football News: Li Tie This is what you said "War for fans"?:Indian news

  Reporter Chen Yong reported Luo Guofeng was replaced with a mistake and became the best portrayal of this game.The mistakes of Gu Fu are also our mistakes, and it has become a sadness that cannot be relieved.

  Speaking “For the fans”, this?

  Is there a player who can explain Li Tie’s national team to teach career?Yes, Luo Guifu.

  In the top 5 games of the 12th Chelsea Jersey game, the naturalized players represented by Luo Guozhi became the biggest obstacle between Li Tiehe fans.The first 4 360 minutes of competition, except Jiang Guang Tai, does not use the time to use the player or only 2,07 minutes, accounting for 80%.

  As for Luo Guofe, his first 4 games only played 2 games, only 73 minutes.

  After the anger broke out in the media and fans, the national football in the evening of the 11th and the Oman game, Luo Guofu appeared in the first list. In the 66-minute appearance time, Luo Guofu completed a very threatened headbel gate in the other party, and completed a crucial header on this gate line, and also sent two times to Alan and Zhang Yun Ning Good ball. But it is more impressive or he has been facing the opponent ‘s hard or fierce defense.

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  When Gu Fu was replaced, the commentary gave the evaluation of the “can be filled”, and believe that it also represents a large part of the heart of the fans.

  For this “torsional battle”, the coach Manchester United Jersey Li Tie Competh rematched: “At that time, the game was over more than 60 minutes. We feel that Luo Guofeng’s activity has declined, and the defensive contribution to the side is lacking. Time the other party is eager to equalize the score, so there is more time to pass, we change to Hao Xing and Wu Xinghan, can strengthen the control of the midfield, you can see that they do helping the team, play good, Wu Xinghan also gives the side road Increased vitality. “

  Wu Xinghan did expressive good performance. How many times in front of the ball in front of it, and what?

  As for whether Luo Guofu is physical, we want to speak in two facts: 5 minutes before people, Gu Fu just completed a defense in the penalty area, he was almost standing at the position of the middle and defend; 2 minutes before After the rapid plug, Gu Fu immediately returned to his own half. Can the physical fitness? Did not see it.

  Therefore, Liverpool Jersey when Gu Fu is replaced, he is very wrong, he is very no solution.

  Take a step in step, if it is really considering the physical condition of the player, it should be replaced at the time, it is obviously the tired of Zhang Yunning. As the first center, Zhang Yunning has been against the opponent’s defender, and the physical consumption is very large. At this time, Wu Xinghan debut, replaced Zhang Yunning, let Luo Guolu push may be a more reasonable choice, and even directly exchange Zhang Yunning, let three normalization strikes in the counterattack.

  As for replacing Xu Xin, it repeats the mistakes of the first four rounds. In the case of the opponent high pressure, withdraw the body conditions in the team’s most well-defensive back, it is even if it is something that ordinary people can’t think.

  For Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey this adjustment, the fans’ questioning is constantly, “” Switching out of the previous use, but the best Lo Guofeng, and the previous never used, but Xu Xin, which is very good, is it more important to prove that you don’t have to use them. Win the game? “More fans said:” This change has no dispute, because in addition to Li Tie guidance, others think it is wrong. “

  It is true that the process of reverse the process is not very standing. It can even be said, if you don’t change people, the national football may not get 3 points – but by, we feel that it is just a regret, rather than self-waste. ,

  After the game, another buddy left such a paragraph: “Cold knowledge, this national team is currently 2 points in the same period than the previous session.” This is of course an irony, but the objective facts are in this The fight in the competition has retained the final hope for the national football.

  12 Soldering Half, Saudi 4 wins 1 flat 13 points strong lead, the second Australian 3 wins 1 flat 1 loss 10 points, the performance is good, Japan 3 wins and 2 losses 9 points, Oman There is also no fall, 2 wins and 1 flat 2 lightens 7 points with the top three.

  The points of the national football are only 4 points, but theoretically there is a weak hope. After all, there are 5 games. If the national football defeated the Australian team, it hopes to continue.

  The truly and cruel facts are, even if the national football team has rebound, for example, the 5th game gets 8 to 10 points, it is estimated that it is difficult to rush into the top three, mainly the Vietnamese team has become a fish, after half The third Japanese team’s points reached 9 points. At present, there are less than 15 points or more points. I am afraid that I can’t enter the top three, but I’m a weak hope is also hope, and I will affect people.

  Despite the frustration, the performance of all the members of the national football team is worthy of being affirmed.

  Luo Guofu is the most colorful, the most tough, his high fighting spirit must have caused great troubles to the opponent, and if the Thai referee is called Xiwa Gong, Oman is afraid that you will be full. .

  Alan’s performance is equally colorful. In addition to the connection with Gu Fu, he also frequently returned to this party. In the restricted area, the key to complete the key, and after he ended, the team lost the biggest threat of single blasting.

  Although Wu Lei has missed the regret of the opportunity, it has entered the only goal of the national football team. As we are in the commentary review, despite the trough in the club, Wu Lei returned to the national team is still important. Attacks – On this World Preliminarily, he harvested 11 goals in 13 games, and only one goal is only one goal from the national football history shooter.

  In 2013, I was fortunate to have a national-green player’s identity, and I finally ushered in the first show of the national team A level event in the long 8 years. He has completed the first half. The task of intercepting, proved his own big heart, and let the outside world have been unfortunately regret for him.

  Once again, the first half Zhang Yunning on this game was also unresinted. He made outstanding the effect of Bridgehead, facing the opponent’s focus on the defense, and won the ball many times, but the second half is obviously exhausted. Get timely adjustments, eventually can only be helpless.

  Other players’ performance is also difficult, and Wang Hao, Zhang Linyi, Wu Wei, Jiang Guang, and Zhu Chenjie who have achieved significantly longer than before. Even if you need to lose the ball to bear a certain responsibility, you have completed many key rescue in this game.

  ”There will be some fans to come to the scene today. This is also a long time. We are fighting for the fans.” The interview in front of the game, now he has heard some harsh, but at least the players really do their best … …

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