Football in Shenzhen Wang: Japan’s genius player Feng Banghong and football path

We always be shocked by the long progress of Japanese football, and it is not known that the Kazama Yahiro football coach will make Japanese football amazing world.

Let us first understand the wind. Wind coach was born in Shizuoka Prefecture on October 16, 1961. The high school yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 5th november 2016 period of the Qingshui is known as the genius, and it is a Japanese youth team to play 1979. After the study of the University of Building Wuba, the Japanese team members were selected as the Japanese team. In 1984, he went to Germany. Tap 5 years in Leverkusen, Rem Shail. In 1989, he joined Mazda and has been kicking in the Hiroshima three arrows in 1995. After that, the wind is in 2008, I was a Coach of the what is today’s news in india University of Building. He uses a unique football style, led a sluggish team to get rid of the trend, and it has become the main coach of Kawasaki striker in 2012.

The so-called genius is to see something that ordinary people can’t see.


How is the genius? This is no standard answer. After all, the judgment benchmark of everyone is different, the definition is different. I think the genius is “people who can see something that ordinary people can’t see.” For example, in 1979, the world-class held in Japan, Maradona as the U-20 team represents Argentina. I was a U-20 Day Dragon team team to find outstain. At that time, I gave me the biggest impact, which is the scene of Madona shooting. After the speed, all the way with the ball to attack the door, and simply leaving the left foot. But then the ball is not flying forward, but backward! I didn’t know what happened in a moment, and the teammates behind him received a ball shooting. After I current news video saw the video, I realized that Manarda deliberately used the right foot to kick the ball back, watching is shooting, it is actually passing. Really genius, people who can see something that ordinary people can’t see. Do not always be limited to the technical level when guiding children. Let the players find what they have to do, this is a major focus at the time of coaching.

Don’t overcrowly, it will be difficult to get the genius.

Recently, many people in Japan have found that Japan has not become stronger even if the method of copying European football. European children’s football is free, they are not good at acting on rules. So they will be in the training, let the players remember the freedom within the specified range. latest and What if Japanese copy paste? It is probably become a team that is largely tied to the rule, let alone the Japanese are very self-disciplined. Not so, Japanese football world often likes to instill too much about it. All details told the children one by one, and the result is not a genius, just put the organs of the coaching meeting to the descendants. To do this, it is not possible to do that, although it is an approval, but also deprives the children’s rights and opportunities to open the road. The coach only pursues the conclusion, it is difficult to get the birth of genius. Adults can easily remove children’s ideas, don’t let excessive information overload, occupy the brain of children.

Only pay attention to the child’s strength, will let him think

One of the common methods commonly used is to extend the strength. I agree with this, but I oppose only this method. For example, a team member has a ball technology, and the coach will order more balls when he will play, so that children will easily forget other methods, technology has become single. The coach said, the ball is good, means that the team will make it best to play the ball capability, combine other methods, let the ball become more killing weapons.

Let the children and technicians practiced together

Musko is 16 years old to play the first show

What is the truly effective exercise? I think it is one of them with adults with good technicians. The brain of the children is very flexible. The adults use various feet to pass the ball, and the children can learn (of course, there is no individual difference). This method is to say that it is learning, it is better to say. In this way, children’s thinking will become more and more active. Brazil and Argentina have a genius player in the two-year-old, that is, because the children ‘s genius, the genius has nothing to do.

Treat everyone as a genius

Become a world’s top player, but it is more than just technology and imagination, but also requires powerful physical conditions to support. For example, when I saw the European Cup in 1982, the French team Pratini is the speed, the headball capacity, and is called a superman. If these superhal body conditions are unable to become a super superstar. But genius is not compared to others, but compared to themselves, and I think it can be changed. For example, you feel that you are an ordinary person. If you want to become a genius, you have to have a genius awareness. Actually, the university’s football course is similar. When I just entered my college, many people said that they didn’t understand the instructor, but when they graduated, I felt that they saw all things. This is what their imagination has been upgraded. Truely known as a genius, regardless of its childhood or long adults, will continue to implement this method. I think the coach works, it should be to let the players send divergent thinking during the childhood.

Don’t listen to, think about better answers

Brazil street football, no one is guided by yourself

As mentioned earlier, we have used the perspective of the coach. Next, we will talk about the point of view of the players. Repeat, I am not a genius, I said that these are just the experience of a Japanese football player. At the second grade of secondary school, Brazil’s club called San Andre came to Qingshui, so we will show us to them. In the practice project, there is a hit auspicious movement, when I arrived at me, I used all of the fake actions outside the prescribed. Because everyone is using the same thing is too boring. After the practice, San Andre’s coach found me: You come to our club. However, I was forwarded to high school football so I refused. What I want to say here is that we have to be a master that playing football, rather than the master of the speech – this point is common for Brazil and Japan.

Don’t forget to play the mindset

I am really full of my mind is a football. The most concerned is why the feet can’t be as flexible as hands? I basically kicked the ball in the front of the shrine. In order to learn your own fake action, I think first let the feet become as flexible as hands. But I was 18 years old by the Japanese team, the coach said to me: ‘This fake action is not in the game. ‘For example, pick up the ball with your feet, the coach said that it was only the skill in the game. Um …. I am also very arrogant, so I look at it: You look at it, I will play this next time! Then the opportunity came, and I formed 1 pair 1 with the goalkeeper, I used this fake action to shoot my horses.

It’s fun to play my mind with the opponent.

Eight macro

This sentence says that many people may think that I deliberately make it bad? In fact, I often think like this when I was young. What impression will you give your opponent when you have a ball? Sometimes I feel that I am coming, give him a general blow to the football. Even a little extreme, but I enjoy the process of fighting my mind with the opponent, this is one of the fun of football. Children in Japan should do more such performances to meet their own forms.