Football God! The first battle lays the best in history? Shuaun is smirk: C Luo is our Jordan

36-year-old C Luo, the savior of the team! No accident, in the face of the Champions League game in Atlanta, Manchester United turned into a desperate situation, and aaj tak news headlines almost the same script in the last game, C Lu Luo stationed. The only thing is that it is the last time, this time is a peaceful, but it is a precious point, and the red devil can continue to lead the team and master the initiative!

It was originally thought that the last 3-0 swept thermal thorn, and it was difficult to be valuable. Manchester United has returned to g business news the exact track. However, this game of tofu slag defensive started, only 11 minutes, Atlant’s simple 2 foot passed in the penalty area, the first breakdown by Iliise. The connection between the Portuguese Shuangxing, which successfully saved the score before the end of the end of Manchester United, which also gave a larger tactical adjustment space in the second half of the Solay. In the second half, I opened 11 minutes. Atlanta made a lead again. This time it is Sapata, and it is a wonderful semi-single-knife. The deficiency of the defense is unfavorable, and ultimately he has to cover up the goal of C Luo, so the 91st minute C is low in the top of the arc, a wonderful arc, Manchester United once again equalize the score!

The 36-year-old will rescue the team again, and saved the next crisis in news now epaper the get out of super net saree flipkart class. After the interview, “Christiano is Michael Jordan in the football world!” This is a very high evaluation, and it has achieved the ball for 4 consecutive reviews, including 2 kills and 1 game. Finally, the critical moment C Luo can stand up, he is absolutely born against the adversity! After returning to Manchester United, C Ro Luo once again used a surprise and miracle to express the red devil fans, which is his meaning of his home. The king of the Champions League is also a well-deserved, so C Luo, how can you not love?

Two, in the face of Atlanta, it is crucial, this is also directly in the opponent’s coach, Gaspellin’s blunt: “He is really a unparalleled player, you actually say that he is the team’s question The problem is too beautiful! 10 feet out of the door 9 times, 5 transformation www times of india news into goals, too incredible. “The first battle laid the best?” Tonight’s C Luo once again broke the headline of football news, the strength is in this, is it the best you say! C Roa oil, continue to write the legend!