Football changes history: former Yugoslavia tragedy, Milan players kicked a country

For AC Milan’s fans, the players of Boban are definitely unfamiliar. AC Milan has won the most honorable foreigners in AC Milan, the replacement of the Netherlands three swordsmen, led Croatia to win the core of the 1998 French World Cup .

However, these are not his most loud title, one foot kicks a country is a pen of his personal career, if Moderi is inheriting the predecessor’s clothes, bringing Croatia to the height of the World Cup final; then say Boyou It is the envelope of the country in Croatia, letting Yugoslavian bottle opener.

[Former Yugoslavian success]

Yugoslavia is known as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which is a socialist country with independent regime and survive in Europe.

Especially in the core area of ??Eurasia, we can contact Europe with Europe, and the past can work with the Soviet Union. At that time, as a buffer belt in the Soviet Union and Europe, Yugoslavia played a very important strategic role.

The birth of Yugoslavia is mainly due to the geographical location. The military must fight, the First World War and the Second World War are all in this place, especially in the Second World War I, I will not be able to merge it. The Republic is split again.

After the end of the World War, the Male Tinhouse in Croatia came.

The pattern and beliefs of Tieto are almost impeccable. It is all integrated with politicians and militaryists. It can maintain neutrality during the US Su Treasures, and integrate six countries, and create a unique socialist autonomous system. National independence, sovereign, territorial integrity, support and assistance of national liberation movements, against the world, and significant contributions to the generation and development of non-aligned sports.

How strong is Yugoslavia? At that time, the European Socialism Camp helped to give a gap, got a Warsaw Treaty to play the stage, but Yugoslav not only did not join, but insisted on going to his development route, striving to develop his economy, live more comfortable than another country.

Despite this, Yugoslavia is still overwhelming, and it is not a historical wheel rolling.

[Serbia and Croatia are not adjustable]

The first is that the internal contradictions cannot be decomposed, the Serbian and Croatians have two hundred years ago, they are already two ideologies and cultural representatives. Due to the forced kneading of the first battle, this is the advantage of Serbia, Press Croatia;

After the explosion of the World War, Croatia was born in Nazi organizations, and the Serbian people slaughtered, and Serbia also established a Tachei’s terrorist gang. The knives of both sides saw the red killed many years.

Until Tiebao is born, finally put the contradiction under the ground, but the two sides did not sit down and developed with gas life, but some people who were not big enough, let the people in two regions contradictory.

It is that the two handlanta Kovic, who is born in Serbia, is one of the left right arms of Tieto, and the Tieto is responsible for him. Split the Tieco opinion.

Lankovich is a Serbian, a Serbian, which made him close to his own policies and tendencies. As the Minister of China and the Director of the Minister of Military Intelligence, he advocated Big Sincervianism and the centralism, but Do not engage in gentle policies, directly fight and implement it, the first rush is Croatia, so they want to be independent, at least by Serbia’s birds.

This kind of behavioral and Tietar’s federal system has lacks, Tieco tries to divide Serbia’s political power, such as Kosovo get more autonomy, and Serbia is nervous, and the Yugoslavia political power is gradually differentiated, and the people are not good.

Secondly, Tieto is passed. As the talented land of Europe, Tieco is the Yugoslavia for painting, lived in 88, and it has been 1980.

Unfortunately, the time is still not enough. In fact, Tieto tried to build a new cultural concept and revolutionary belief. It used to desalinate nationalism between the people, and finally, let all Yugoslav people fight for Yugoslavia, but the precipitation time is too short, but there is an emergence The negative effect, Tieute is more funny after the death, and Yugoslavia has done the presidential turnt system, which is to bully people in other regions.

10 years, this contradiction has been intensified to unmodied. At this time, the Yugoslav Football A League, representing the Croatian Sagreb Dadamo home, with a Belgrade Red Star representing Serbian, a hot ” competition”.

Football is a war of peace years. This sentence samsung newsroom is a regional background. For example, both parties really have blood enmissions.

At the beginning of this game, the fans on both sides rushed to everyone. Quarrels are not simple swearing and elders greetings, directly upgraded to nationalism concept, and their respective extreme fans “tough guans” and “blue kid” began to throw Item attack, behind the decision chair as a weapon. The competition hit it for 70 minutes, with a fan directly embedded the knife, killing into the South, led the riot police to suppress.

After the game was forced to stop, the players of the Belgrade Red Star were detaxing first, and they were directly running; at that time, the Dynamed team captain blog felt injustice, because the explosion-proof police did not control the Jetvian fans who took the lead in time, until The situation is expanded, headlines today and the Croatian fans will only do it in the field, and they know that this is the home of Croatia.

When the police were assault the Croatian fans, Bo Ban couldn’t bear it, and the world famous painting was hit by a wonderful flying.

Due to the player’s identity, this behavior detonated the headlines of the major media the next day, although the policeman was kicked by a Muslim, but this did not affect the results brought by Boban, and the national emotions of both parties were completely irritated, especially After the Bank, I said: I am a public figure, I am ready to bear the risk of life and reputation, this is all because of an ideal – Croatia.

[A war that still can’t evaluate]

You can experience the indignation of humiliation and expression as a Croatian, Banban, because the Croatian life is too difficult, even if Yugoslavia indiatv contact is good, and the relationship with Croatia is not big.

This kick is like dominoes, Croatia and Serbia’s conflict formal upgrades, the army confrontation, police and resident guns, and finally the independent declaration of Croatia, the Serb army and the South Army join the Croatian battlefield, finally started. As the two countries in Yugoslavia, the most populous groups, once the war is turned on, it is equal to the official tiles inside the Yugoslavian Republic, two countries have played for 3 years, but the second year after war is War. The final disintegration.

The cost of this independent war is very large, especially for Croatia, the state continues to fall into civil war. Until 1998, Croatia was completely stable, slowly developed economy, spent 5 years of time to return to 1990. .

Now, I will discuss this kind aaj tak online samachar of behavior in the Banban. Because of this feet, there is no country to be a winner, even the best ending can’t talk, there is a war, but if Serbian The pattern is bigger, Tito has insisted for a few years, perhaps the battle will not appear, this is the regret and cruelty of history.