Football Battle: Manchester United, Ping Atlanta; Bayern, Juventus, Jinji, Juventus

At the early morning of November 3, Beijing, the Champions League team continued. # 欧冠 #

In the first half of the competition, Sapata poured in the triangle, the Irich Chiqi restricted area is built, Atlanta 1-0 Manchester United. In the 45th minute, Greenwood ruined, B fees, followed by assists, C Luo Jiji will score, Manchester United 1-1 Atlanta. Easy, the 55th minute, Papamino passed, Sapata anti-offside success single knife, Atlanta 2-1 Manchester United. In the injury stop, Greenwood made a ball in the restricted area, and the top of C Robucheng is overwhelmed, Manchester United 2-2 Pace Atlanta.

In the first half, Juventus corner offensive, Delhikt head ball ferry, Dibara bag copied, Juventus 1-0 St. Petersburg Zeit. In the 26th minute, St. Petersburg Zgi left the attack, Bouqi’s headballs walked out of the ibn18 mistakes Since Oolong, St. Petersburg Zenet 1-1 Juventus. Easy Battle, the 55th minute, Xiao Kesa Breakthrough, Dibara’s penalty, Juventus 2-1 anti-ratifier. In the 73rd minute, Xiaosaa took the ball into the penalty area, a small angle to extract, Juventus 3-1 St. Petersburg Zite. In the 82nd minute, Zenetburg, St. Petersburg, mistaken, Morata push the door to lock the victory. In the 90th minute, Az Meng took a ball for St. Petersburg Zenite. The final whistle, Juventus 4-2 defeated St. Petersburg Zenite.

In the 25th minute in the first half, Caman continued to get rid of the next time, Lawan took the head of the head, Bayern 1-Benfica. After 6 minutes, Kimihi is biography, La Wan brought the ball and homoked the middle road, and the Gardri was broken, Bayern 2-0 Benfica. In the 37th minute, this Philipphi Corner Ball offense, state news in english Grimalo picks the door, Morato head ball is broken, Benfica 1-2 Bayern. Easy to fight in the 48th minute, Kiimi Chuanzhong, Davis header ferry, Sahan Lingnex is broken, Bayern 3-1 Benfica. In the 62nd minute, Kiimi once again stigted offense, Sa Na, Laiwan picks, Bayern 4-1 Benfica. In the 73rd minute, Benfica quickly countered, Mario Dragonfly, Nunus pushed, Benfica pulled back a ball. In the 84th minute, Neuir was born, and Lai Wan tomorrow hindi news paper headlines plugged into the penalty area to stop the ball. Finalist, Bayern 5-2 wins Benfika.

The first half competition, Chelsea took the initiative, Harffitz lost a single knife, and the two sides of the half battle became 0-0. Easy, the 55th minute, Oddo Isar Ram, Qiejih took the empty door, Chelsea 1-0 Malmer. With Zieh’s winning ball, Chelsea’s 1-0 defeated Malmmer.

In the second half of the second half, Ming Ge Sa Lace ball was transmitted, and the Fatti dot is extracted. With this ball, Barcelona is 1-0 to win the NTAsk miner.

Wolfsburg 2-1 Salsurg Red Bull

Seville 1-2 Lille

Villa Rayl 2 – 0

On November 2, Beijing time, the official news, Kongti officially served as the team coach.

The 52-year-old Hoi, Italian coach, coaching career, taught at Atlanta, Siena, Juventus, Italy, Chelsea, Inter Milan and other teams. During the google hindi new coaching Chelsea, Kongti took a 106 game to win 70 wins and 15 flat 21 negatives, and the team won 1 Premier League champion and 1 FA Cup champion.

Concerti’s previous coaching experience is the international Milan in last season, and Kongti is about the club peace after helping the Known of the National Championship.

A number of media broke the news in the UK, Newcastle is negotiating with Emei. Newcastle high-level agree with Emei, they plan to let him take office this week.

The new Non-Executive Chair Yasir Al-Rumayyan has negotiated with Spanish Shuai Emei. In the past eight years, Emei has won 11 championship trophies. “Good eBening!” And Brighton’s game will be the first show after Emmeli. New card appointed Emei will pay 6 million euros compensation to the yellow, and match the annual salary of his anneur.

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