Football basketball heat comparison, football is done!

I recently saw a lot of hindi news18 com old brothers in contrasting football and basketball which is more fire. I am here to list some data, helping everyone more intuitively to see the heat of these two sports in my country.

The first is the attention of the two, on the shake, about 57.7 billion playback on the topic of football, and basketball is up to 120.1 billion playback, the playback is twice the football.

Of course, the attention does not explain all the questions. After all, the participation is whether a sports can sprout in the public. And about this, the participation of football is far from multi-playback. No matter how many football competitions and basketball games have been held in the class from lokmat ad rates primary schools to universities. Take a look at this year’s double eleven, the balloon hot list, the highest sales of basketball shoes and the sales volume to day latest news in telugu of the highest sales of football shoes, and we can also visually discover the huge gap between the football participants in the number of basketball participants.

For classmates who like these two sports, it may be often necessary to search for some teaching video learning in the video website, and the keyword “X” teaching “is searching for B Station, it is not difficult to find a lot of basketball teaching. There are very few of the UP main and video, and football is very …

Tough to the participation of the ball is the infrastructure construction, and then, a data that will make us more football fans, according to the data published in 2018, at this point, basketball cnn world news today headlines today has the advantage that football cannot match the football: The number of basketball venues is numerous.

According to the Sixth National Sports Site Census of breaking news aaj tak news the State Sports, the number of basketball courts reached 596,400, accounting for 36.32% of all sports spaces, ranked first in all venue types. The basketball area is 358 million square meters, accounting for 18.37% of all sports spaces, ranking second in all venue types.

In contrast, the number of football venues slightly “cold acid”. According to statistics, as of 2018, there were 545,28 football venues in the country, including 13613 blocks, non-standard football fields, 4,0915 blocks.

According to the conversion of the population, the average number of venues of each million have a number of 0.4 pieces.