Epidemic prevention tolerate any slack! Packers and Rogers for violating the new agreement was fined crown

NFL ended for the Green Bay Packers and Aaron – Rogers investigate violations of the new crown pneumonia agreement, it was reported that the Packers for violating the NFL and NFL players union agreement was fined $ 300,000. Star players Alan Rogers and wide receiver – Lazard fined $ 14,650 each, the two players are not vaccinated.

According to reporters saying, exposure behavior, including Rogers did not wear masks at a news conference, as well as Rogers and Lazard to participate in Halloween party did not report it to the team, but the team was not allowed. It is reported that the party is not a team, “approved”, but the Packers Union decided the two players should be punished.

In addition, the Alliance also found that some individual cases Rodgers and Lazard did not wear masks inside the club. It is reported that the Packers in this survey with enthusiasm, it is also contemplated. The final team was warned plus fines, if the future again in violation of the NFL’s epidemic prevention regulations, may face the threat of “changing or losing draft picks,” the.

. “We respect the investigation alliance, we recognize the importance of compliance with prevention rules, thus ensuring our team to ensure the safety and health” Packers president Mark – Murphy said in a statement: “We will continue to educate the team to convey the importance of the agreement and remains committed to working within the scope of the agreement. “all this happened NFL most valuable player Rogers occurs after an interview has been criticized by critics of the former, Rogers said in an interview excuses for myself not being vaccinated, claiming that the NFL’s rules are not always correct. He said publicly that unvaccinated as a player, he really ignore the masks agreement.

Less than a week, Rogers had for their words and actions could “mislead” people apologize after the first interview. “I’m sorry, I do realize that I am a public figure,” Rogers said in an interview beginning: “I just wanted to admit, some of my remarks might be misunderstood, so for those who mislead people by these misleading statements. man, I take full responsibility. I am pleased to feel better, now I’m adorable look forward. I go back and do more good thing is playing. “

Rogers infect new crown on Wednesday, the investigation began last week. He must be isolated after ten days to be eligible to return to the team on Saturday, and one day after the Packers will face the Seattle Seahawks.